I’ve made a Chat Level System!

My original post is here and I decided to release it on Community Resources because I thought some people might want to use it!

The model: Chat Level Up System - Roblox
The game to try it on: Chat Levelup System - Roblox

(Warning: If you use the model in studio, make sure you enable “Enable Studio Access to API Services” in Settings > Security for the datastore to work!)

Other setup is inside the model, along with some configurations.
Feedback is very appreciated!

- infiniteraymond.

19/08/2020, 10:32 am:
- added a shop for gears, still beta. use it sparing-ly until its known to work.
19/08/2020, 1:54 pm:
- update notes are on this post

I don’t think I will be updating this too often anymore, It’s not working very well ;(


Good Job! I think many people will find it useful! :smiley:


It doesn’t check if the message is actually sent (the anti - spam) and thus you can level up solely by spamming chat even if your messages are not being sent to anyone else.

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Err, true. I’ll look into it to see what I can fix!

Also, I’m making a shop that you can use to sell gears for levels!

Could you help me with the anti-spam? I’m kinda confused here, I’ve gotten the forked ChatFloodDetector script, but it looks like it was made for chat only.

I’ll look in it :confused:

Just join the game to see what it is, i don’t have time to make a gif , sorry.

Awesome! I’ll surely add this to my game. It would be great if you could make a leaderboard of most highest level players.

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Ooh, thats a cool idea! I’m also planning on adding commands (eg /shop, /resetdata, and maybe /leaderboard?) although the leaderboard is technically on the playerlist :v

I meant a global leaderboard. As a SurfaceGui on a model. Maybe make pads to reset data or open shop?

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Oh, maybe. I’m not sure how I could do that without heavy datastore queues since it would require a table, but once im finished making the shop i’ll look into it!

- infiniteraymond


The shop update has been introduced!

Try it out using >shop in chat!

To add your own gears, just insert the gear into the “Shop” folder, and add an IntValue named price with the amount of levels you’d like it to cost!

Some shop variables don’t work yet, i’ll fix it later :happy3:

edit: oh crap the gui forces you to spend every level you can on an item as many times as it can but why

ok dont use the shop make sure you disable the shop enabled sdkfjsdfhjsdfbhdjsfdsf

Amazing resource to be used by the public, I assure you; this idea will be used in variously amazing ways! Thanks! :exploding_head:

Sooo… this is like a discord bot in roblox. Epic.
My question is how would this be used in games? I can see it working in social games where you chat a lot, or maybe other games.

Also, how would you prevent spam? Like people saying

Anyways, the bot is pretty neat.

@OP could make it where your message needs to be at lease 5 characters long, or a similar length, check if the previous message was similar, and if it is ignore it, and probably add a limit of how many times you can level up per minute.

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if #message >= 5 then --(idk which way).

I think this system is really simple but good to use if you want to learn how chat systems work.


Thanks!! That’s very useful, it can be used for games like Hangout or things like that. :wink:

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Hi!! I have a suggestion, you can add something like chat tags with the levels, for example:

[LV. 1] chiquicalris: text


So Where do you place each item? I cant seem to understand where to place.

You put the gears inside the Shop folder inside the main script.

So, like it all stays in the workspace correct?

Yeah. I don’t think you should put it in ServerScriptService because the client will have to access the serverscript. :happy1: