Chat Messages Break on Player.Parent = nil

My game hides players from the Roblox CoreGui player list for a more immersive experience (oPlayer.Parent = nil). Issue is, it seems to be preventing chat messages from the hidden players from being viewed on clients where oPlayer is hidden.

Player1 and Player2 are in the same server. Both players cannot see each other on the leaderboard. Meaning: both players are unable to see their chat messages

Example 2
Player1 and Player2 are in the same server. Player1 cannot see Player2 on the leaderboard. Player2 can see Player1’s messages, but Player1 cannot.

Is there a specific way to fix this? I’ve been trying to deep dive through the core chat scripts but I haven’t found anything useful yet.

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Don’t change the player’s parent ever- that’s a recipe for disaster.
If I were you I’d use a fake playerlist that looks like the real one by reprogramming a clone of the real one and doing your best to replicate it.

Lots of things rely on the player instance, so removing it/setting it to a different parent is a bad idea.


Nah. Game’s currently just closed community for friends so it’s not a big deal. Still gonna find a way eventually but still searchin as of now.

Also it’s been done before in some games

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its done with a fake playerlist. The default roblox one doesnt support hiding players.

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Nah. Player.Parent = nil can be manipulated to hide players even from the CoreGui player list.

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Why not disable the player list and call it a day?

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Your solution is not officially supported by Roblox, it’s normal for stuff to break, you can’t just say “Nah” each time someone tells you you’re wrong :smiley: Just clone the default playerlist, it takes 5 minutes.


Meant the Core Player list you see when you press Escape, not the CoreGuiType.PlayerList

You could try using Roblox’s chat functions to send custom messages into chat so that both players can see each other’s messages with the server acting as a middleman. Or, if you’re using the Legacy chat system (not recommended), you could more directly manipulate the events. (exactly why not recommended)

Yeah I saw the legacy chat system can be manipulated to work with it but it’s pretty old lol. Was hoping if there was some method someone found to make it work

How are you even doing this? I was curious and I made my player’s parent nil and it instantly kicked me.

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Why would you nil the player ? That’s a recipe for breaking your entire game