Chat sizes message wrongly

so i am making a custom chat similar to roblox chat and here is what happens

and i want it to set its size to its text bounds which is does NOT
here is the code for the server making

local re = game.ReplicatedStorage.SendMessage
local decoy = game.ReplicatedStorage.Decoy

local possiblecolors = {
	"28, 139, 193",
	"221, 212, 23",
	"118, 10, 10",
	"94, 42, 14",

local CSS,CSE,CE = "<stroke color = \"#000000\"><font color = \"rgb(",")\">","</font></stroke>"
	local msg = game:GetService("Chat"):FilterStringForBroadcast(messsge,plr)
	local c = decoy:Clone()
	local chatcolor
	if not plr:FindFirstChild("ChatColor") then
		chatcolor ="StringValue",plr)
		chatcolor.Value = possiblecolors[math.random(1,#possiblecolors)]
		chatcolor.Name = "ChatColor"
		chatcolor = plr.ChatColor
	c.Text = CSS..chatcolor.Value..CSE.."["..plr.DisplayName.."]"..CE.." "..msg
	c.Parent = plr.PlayerGui.CustomChat.Front.Holder
	c.Size =,0,0,c.TextBounds.Y)

(yes i know that i have to replicate it for all clients i will soon)

Could you just use Scaled for the Y axis instead? Might give you more consistent results, just scale the texts with the chat box, and if you want make your chat box scale by an aspect ratio.

Do you have text scaled on? That would be my first guess :smiley:

no textscaled sucks also this post is solved cuz i know how to do it after making this so yea ty all i had to do is get the y size of the input and just copy paste it theree