Chat Tags Model

Eyo. I am not 100% sure where to post this, so I’ll plop it here.

I’m not one to go into great detail about models, so sorry. ;(

Before the Chat Tags feature was released, I had my own prefix system that I used and published to everyone, and it received a good 100-200 sales (not many, but still decent). Now that the feature is out, I’ve decided to update it with the chat tags system that I think most people should see.

xuefei123 made a tutorial as to how to use the tags system, but I decided to do so in my own way. What I did in ExtraDataInitializer is that I simply made a list of “preset” tags, and later the player can paste the name of the tags. Tags obviously stack with this feature, and I added the ability for Players to combine with Groups in terms of tags.

If you want to take the model and examine it, or even use it, here is the link:

Edit: I do want to mention I did NOT make the chat system NOR the tags feature. I just built upon it. I did, however, make a prefix feature before the tags system :wink:

Edit (x2): I added gamepass and badge compatability. :slight_smile:


Really cool, I like it! However, I did notice that the RBXDev tag is listed twice:
Which results in:

Otherwise, this a great model, and I’ll probably use it myself in the future!

Omg I was testing prefix stacking, i’m going to fix that right now. LMAO
Also, I’m adding gamepasses and badges to the list. :wink:

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Nice! Gamepasses are a great idea. (Color chat is my jam)