Chat window gets spaced out between messages on window resize

Whenever I decide to resize my Roblox game window, I’ve noticed that the chat UI gets spaces in random points between messages. Some happen every chat line, some every few chat lines. I’ve tested this in a few games with the default chat script.

Expected chat behavior:

(Usernames were censored to protect privacy of people playing)

On game window resize:

Games tested in

Energy Industries (Screenshot not included.)
Ninja Legends
A showcase of one of my builds

When does this bug occur?
This bug occurs every time I’ve resized my Roblox game window.

Graphics card/system info:
I am currently using a laptop, my graphics card is a NVIDA Geforce 940M.

I would estimate this bug started happening maybe a month or so ago.

I am currently able to reproduce this in my own game, listed here, and other public games with the default chat script.

  • Open game
  • Post a few chat messages
  • Resize window
  • Bug starts occuring.

I also have this error on my game’s it happens when you resize your tab on most games for example Welcome to bloxburg has this issue.