Chat window opens without new notification

Every so often my last chat window will reopen without any new messages. I haven’t been able to determine the exact conditions to replicate it, but it’s been bugging me for a very long time - probably a year or more.

Based on circumstantial evidence I believe it has something to do with one or more of the following:

  • Switching back to an old Roblox tab
  • Having multiple Roblox tabs open in general
  • The other player joining a new game or coming online

I’m using Google Chrome. The last chat message (inbound) was sent at 12/07/19. I have closed the chat window numerous times.

On the off chance this is intended behavior - please give me a setting to keep the chat window closed. As someone who NEVER uses chat, but often uses the website in the course of my development, it’s a slow drain on my sanity to have this constant popup. Thank you.


Same issue here, has been happening for years between @Soybeen and I. Can’t be certain but we believe the problem might be caused by editing a TeamCreate place with each other.

I can add to the voices, happens to me ever scene the thing came out.
and can confirm its not team create; its happened to me long before i was ever in a team create.

I always get this when I am in a team create with people, and it’s always their chat that opens up for no reason.

I’ve also experienced this so many times. Personally, this is caused by team creates. Every time that I join a team create, the chat opens (on the website) with the notification icon and there is no way for me to get rid of the notification even if it’s a message I read over a year ago.

I have the same issue on Firefox. In fact, the issue has multiplied and I have over 6 different chat windows that are open right now, it seems to increase by one every few days.

Closing them only delays the inevitable and they will still start re-opening.