Chatbot script error

i have a module script with a chatbot but the script randomly pauses at a certain line of code

it worked fine yesterday, now it broke
the script is here

function cleverbot.GetMessage(message, chatbotname)
	print("e") -- this prints

	local split = message:gsub(" ", "+")
	print("" .. split .. "&botname=" .. chatbotname .. "&ownername=" .. _G.Owner .. "&user=1") --script pauses here
    print("e") -- doesnt print

	local response = httpService:GetAsync(("" .. split .. "&botname=" .. chatbotname .. "&ownername=" .. _G.Owner .. "&user=1"))
	local data = httpService:JSONDecode(response)
	return data.message

Try enclosing the GetAsync in a pcall and see if there are any errors

Why do you have two sets of brackets in GetAsync?

Edit: Wrong reply, sorry about that.

no, it doesnt work.
i made it print when it errors and nothing is printed, it just completely stops after that line of code