Chateau [SHOWCASE]

The 4th showcase of mine. A “Chateau” is basically “Manor” in French.
Here are the screenshots:

The link to the place:

Since my mother adored antique and rich buildings, I made one just for her.
I decided to make the weather rainy since I loved rainy weathers.


Chateau is not manor, it’s a castle. I talk french. But whatever, I like the design.
Great job!


Wow! This looks amazing fellow dev! Keep up the great work

Thanks, but about this statement:


very good job on the manor but it could always use a bit more details on the walls since it looks a bit too plain

the fountain as well could use some sort of effect where water is falling down from each level

gate looks fine as is, but just like the manor, can always use a bit more detail with small hinges on each side and those lock things on the middle

other than that, super good job on the manor!
keep building

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Sweet. i like the Manor itself,

maybe add some different wall designs, the walls look pretty plain and empty.

Also some exterior design like Bushes I’m pretty sure would look sweet !

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