Chat:FilterStringForBroadcast always returns empty string for users on Xbox

When filtering text using Chat:FilterStringForBroadcast, the returned string appears to always be an empty string for users on Xbox. My users say this has been happening for as long as they can remember.

I am using this API in my game to let users place signs with custom text on their bases. My game is fully cross platform, so it would be very awkward to specifically restrict sign blueprints and other blueprints with custom displayed text from Xbox users. It wouldn’t even really be possible to keep users from obtaining the blueprints; all I can do is just disallow placing them. Not a nice UX.

I am aware that chat is disallowed to comply with Microsoft’s policies, but from what I understand, this policy is intended to prohibit chat and is not intended for nonchat custom text inputs like simple signs.


This is most likely intentional. Roblox isn’t allowed to display user created content like text on Xbox, therefore, it makes sense to return an empty string in the first place.

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This is intentional. Due to Xbox Requirements, we currently do not allow any kind of user-generated text communication between users on Xbox. This may change in the future.

For your signs, allowing users to select pre-written content from a list is okay. That may be a possible solution.