ChatScript in Studio Test has a 50% change to work

I have this bug. Started yesterday. Need it for Admin Commands during Studio Test.


I hope this is an indication that they’re fixing it and it has slipped under the radar of code review for studio.

Please look at my edited version of the script I posted in #18

I’m having this issue now. I wonder when it will get fixed?

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Confirming it’s going on here too. Been going on for at least a week, if not longer.


its weird this is still happening yet i do not experience it. Maybe see if there is like a

StarterGui:SetCore(“TopbarEnabled”, false)

in any script and nothing to make it true again

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This issue has come up in my game recently as well. Made development very frustrating.

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By any chance do you have SimpleAdmin in your game?


I do, but I don’t think that’s where the T is coming from because it isn’t traceable.

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Yeah it’s been really bugging me, I’m a member of the team of the game that @Thorize is talking about and it is really annoying that it isn’t working. I originally thought it was related to one of my plugins but when I did a temporary fix, the issue is still happening.

I have not got the chat to work at all in Studio recently.


I am actively using setcore, however it is apparent to me that this error is not a setcore issue. If so my pcall would error out and tell me so. This is some type of race condition error in loading I suspect, or else it wouldn’t be an “Infinite yield” issue.

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I’m experiencing it too but I don’t get any infinite yield or anything.

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@Lobestone & @iSpaceRBLX, your fixes both work but they don’t seem to support extradata (like chat tags, chat colour, name colour…)

I have a theory that it’s DisplayNames breaking the chat? It was released not long before @SoCalifornian made his reply.

Say "Hello" to Display Names! - 11d ago


Just noticed that this is also happening to me! How weird…

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Chat message.extraData seems to work fine for me in-game, I’ll update this post to see if I’m also having issues with extraData in studio…

Simply, Roblox needs to have the client WAIT for the server to be finished executing all game scripts for at least 1 second for a real world example. It makes no sense to have to wrap scripts for edge cases in which a player joined a server faster than the server script even loaded.

Yes, that t is from SimpleAdmin. It is fixed in the next SimpleAdmin update.

That’s because you don’t have any scripts waiting for a chat script. For example, Topbar v2 does.

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I meant Speaker:SetExtraData, that might be the same thing but I’m not able to get it to work haha.

That’s exactly what I mean and am using also.

It seems to still work for me? I’ll keep trying.

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I’ll try again, might have been something I did.

Edit: Yeah, same thing seems to happen. It waits around 1.5s for the chat to pop up, then when it finally does pop up, no chat tags. Do you think it could be because I’m calling :SetExtraData before the chat pops up?

Here’s my script:

local function setChatData(player, rankInfo) -- Player is the player instance and rankInfo is a table
Information inside of rankInfo: which is returned from a module outside of the script
		['Text'] = 'Some rank name';
		['CreateOverhead'] = true;
		['OverrideExtraData'] = true;
		['ChatInfo'] = {
			['GiveChatTag'] = true;
			['NameColour'] = Color3.fromRGB(245, 240, 142);
			['ChatColour'] = Color3.fromRGB(245, 243, 197);

	print('setextradata') -- Printing so it definitely is being called.
	local speaker = chatService:GetSpeaker(player.Name) or chatService:AddSpeaker(player.Name)
	if rankInfo.OverrideExtraData then
		print('oed') -- Printing
		if rankInfo.ChatInfo.GiveChatTag then
			print('gct') -- Printing
			speaker:SetExtraData('Tags', {
					TagText = rankInfo.Text;
					TagColor = rankInfo.ChatInfo.NameColour or,1,1);
		speaker:SetExtraData('NameColor', rankInfo.ChatInfo.NameColour or,1,1))
		speaker:SetExtraData('ChatColor', rankInfo.ChatInfo.ChatColour or,1,1))
		local playerNameColour = nameColour:GetNameColour(player.Name)

		local h, s, v = Color3.toHSV(playerNameColour)
		local newChatColour = Color3.fromHSV(h, s - (s * 0.8), v)


		speaker:SetExtraData('ChatColor', newChatColour)