:Chatted function refuses to run

It’s pretty well explained in the script itself already, but basically I’m trying to build a door which can be opened via a command by a few ranks in a group.

I’ve done a few tests and found out that the problem is in this:

if msg == ("Open1") then 

For some reason, it refuses to recognize it if I send a message like that. It just… doesn’t work. The script itself is in workspace, which shouldn’t be an issue.

The bug appends a carriage return (\r) to everything, so for now check if msg == "Open1\r" then

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This is what happened: https://streamable.com/ddojsn

No, you don’t type it yourself. \r makes a carriage return, the bug is where Roblox appends it to the string.

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Omg… It works!
Thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it gets patched in the future!

Oh no… We’ve ran into a new issue.
It doesn’t work in-game.

I tried everything: !Open1, Open1, Open1\r and !Open1\r but nothing seems to work/respond.
It’s still stuck at the same spot.