[CHEAP] Brand New Simple Scripter for Hire!

Hi, I’m Novulixx, a brand new dev to ROBLOX. Im reading a tutorial on Lua and I need some practice. I will do very basic scripts for you for only 25-100 robux!

Contact me:
Twitter - @novulixx
Discord - Novulixx#3745


This belongs in #collaboration:portfolios. I know it can get confusing. :smile:

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Oh lol im so sorry, do i remove it from here or keep it?

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If you click the edit button (the pencil at the bottom), you should be able to change the topic.

So here are some tips that would improve you,

  1. Before you do any commission or work with someone, try be good the job. What I mean is that before you try to make any game, be more experienced in scripting. Know how to use module scripts, bindable events, HTTP Service and more.
  2. For make sure you raise the price. 100 robux for working months on a game is a really bad deal. Try to increase the price when you are more experienced in scripting
  3. Make a portfolio, feature all the stuff you made or worked on. This will significantly help you to get a job. Make multiple system from many different genre to show the reader that you are skilled at your job

hope this helps you in the long run

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What scripts do you make? You should provide some work on your portfolio.

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