Cheap custom accessories, hairs, or weapons: OPEN!

Custom meshes

Hi! I’m Novareia, and I’ve been working with blender for a bit now. I’m not the most advanced, and I’ll get that out of the way now. I’m looking for more experience with 3D modeling, so I’ve decided to take a few jobs.

Previous Works


  • Weapons: Depends on the complexity level, but around 30 robux each
  • Hairs: Once again, if it’s very complex prices will increase, but starting price is 50 robux
  • Accessories: Depends on the type of accessory. Pricing will be worked out when you provide a description or a photo of what you’d like me to make
How item commissions will work

First things first, establish a method of payment. I accept either group funds or gamepass/t-shirt funds, but be aware of the tax on gamepass/t-shirt funds and the time it takes for group payouts now. Next, send me a photo, sketch, or description of the item you’d like, and I’ll figure out if the cost will be increased due to complications. After that, I’ll work on the item, and once it’s completed, I’ll show you a photo, in case you want any changes made, before you pay. I’ll either upload the model to the toolbox and send you a link, or, if you’d prefer, send the fbx file to you directly. (I’ll test upload it first to make sure that it’s under the tri limit, don’t worry!)

If you’re thinking about commissioning me, thank you! Feel free to either contact me on here, or on discord at Novareia#1610

Slots currently open: 3.

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Hey, I am interested. My discord username is henberrysodapop#9962