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About Me

Hi there, I am cwd30! I am offering my services as a builder and some scripting and GUI making. No GFX though. I have about 2 years of experience with Roblox Studio!


This is a game I’m currently working on, you can see the progress on it here: Buildspace - Roblox

It may be messy/not functional at times since I am continuously publishing it as I flow along with development.

Here are some screenshots of my BUILDING work

Fishing Boat:

Small Bulk Carrier:

Swing Bridge:

Map I made in one day for a commission:

A “pier” a made a while ago for no reason:

An island I made a while back (don’t mind the shipyard behind it :joy:):

Welp, here we go with rockets/rocket related stuff!


Falcon 1:

Delta II:


Falcon 9:

Falcon Heavy:

Space Launch System:

Ares 1:

Delta IV Heavy:

Delta IV:

Hapith V:


Another Launchpad:

Falcon 9 Stage Landing:

Here are some screenshots of my SCRIPTING work

Chair change script I did for a commission:

The game I linked above: robloxapp-20200520-1043112

Fully functional swing bridge: https://streamable.com/5nyii2

I’ll be updating the tabs pretty often.


I am available most of the time for now (keep in mind I’m Pacific Time Zone) due to quarantine. However, once school starts, I’m available most afternoons on weekdays, and most of the day on weekends.


Prices will be negotiated in Discord, I am doing pay per asset/commission. NO LONG TERM WORK, COMMISSIONS ONLY! I accept pay in ROBUX only, no USD, no giftcards, etc.


You can contact me here or on Discord, I am lolheads#5854

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I love your boat builds. :+1: Awesome portfolio. Keep up the good work.

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It’s always payment before the product. It would be best if you told your clients to maybe sent a GYAZO Gif of their funds (With the page refreshed).
The risk of having people play the game you made for them is: they can use programs like Synapse to take a copy of the game for free. My best solution to this would probably investigate your clients IF you have suspicion over their claims, then decide whether you trust your client or not.

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@cwd30 Nice work, that guy also tried to scam me except he started harassing me & being reallyyy inappropriate. Though, you might want to delete your comment because calling out scammers arent allowed on the devforum and you can get in trouble for it just a heads up :roll_eyes:

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I’m accepting commissions again. No long term project please.