[CHEAP GFX] Ayisuyl GFX Portfolio

Hi there,
I’m TophatSamurai, a graphics designer on the ROBLOX platform currently looking for commissions & orders!

I’m an intermediate designer on the platform, I specialize in graphics such as icons, game thumbnails, ads, banners, menus, & more. If there is some other graphic design you’d prefer please don’t hesitate to ask me first and I may make some arrangements. On an additional note, my work has massively improved as I am continuously learning and quality should increase over time, as I gain more experience & skills. I do not do renders but with affects and detail, my work looks similar.

Prices may vary depending on the graphics you are ordering & any special requests. These are just base prices, these prices are not final and may change at any time. Prices are also negotiable. Payments are only accepted in Robux. (Group funds).
Icons starts at :robux_light:150+
Game Thumbnails starts at :robux_light:145+
Ads (may vary on ad size) starts at :robux_light:145+
Menus start at :robux_light:120+ (per menu)
Server Banner starts at :robux_light:115+
Gamepass Icons starts at :robux_light:105+ (per icon)
Youtube Banners start at :robux_light:145+ (per banner)
Prices may increase at any time.

Ordering Process
Send me a DM on Roblox messages letting me know of what you would like and all details. I will send the watermarked version through discord, after payment is through you will receive the unwatermarked version.

Contact Info
Please contact me either here on the DevForum or on Roblox messages.

Previous Work

Graphics Designer