(Cheap Prices) Professional Graphic & UI Designer

About Me

Hello, After using Roblox for over 5 years, through various accounts, I noticed developing would be the future of Roblox. At that time, I did not realize that there were more possibilities than I could ever fathom. I gradually moved on to building, but I realized that my mind was somewhere else. I started modeling, honing my experience in Blender (started about 3 months ago). After watching countless YouTube tutorials, I decided it was time to try Roblox GFX. Working for countless hours, I kept improving on all the aspects that go into making a powerful piece of GFX- lighting, rendering, and everything else that goes into the execution of a GFX piece. After all this time on Roblox and Blender, I am here to present to you my GFX portfolio, and I am looking forward to hopefully working with you!

Payment & Work



I can work at any time of the day! Timezone: EST/GMT-5


No Controversial Things
No Rude/Mean Things


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: bluebott#1703

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


type any comments or reviews of my services here!

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Hey, can you do shirts as well?

yeah I can
if you want to see my shirts search up roblox group: Deathstarz
They aren’t aesthetics though. Only merch style.

It was a great experience working with him, provided great quality GFX in very affordable rates, will definitely be contacting him again for future projects, Overall 10/10!

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Good work! However, I’d suggest using backgrounds directly imported from blender instead of after-rendering. It looks pixelated/blurry, thus it doesn’t really match with the scene.

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I don’t think this would be considered professional graphic designs and I think what you are selling is pretty overpriced.

oh ok, ty very much for the advice I will try to apply it for my next commision!

Im interesed on hiring you could you add me on discord 24.12#9743

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ok, sounds good, sorry for late reply.

Hello! What is your discord? It says invalid user. My user is DevCompression#9745

ah my bad, I was on a break, mines is now bluebott#1703