Cheap ROBLOX face designer for hire

About Me

Hi there! I’m Ethan, a 13 year old offering my services as a ROBLOX face designer. I specialize in remaking original ROBLOX faces and making my own using simple colours, this means no gradients.


(I am selling all of these, contact me for more information!)

A remake of the classic Joyous Surprise face:
Joyous Surprise Comparison

More showcases in DMs!


I am available after school or on weekends in Australian Perth time. I prefer to work on short term projects rather than long term ones.


Prices are negotiable, I accept ROBUX per asset. Payment works as followed:
face creation > sent to user as watermarked image > accept, feedback > ROBUX payment > sent to user as image of face
If the player doesn’t accept then I will have rights over the image (reselling, advertising, etc)
There will be two prices, the second cheaper than the first:
.1: The image and all rights over it (I can’t resell it, advertise it, etc)
.2: The image but we share rights (I can do whatever I want with it)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at EthanDS#8247 When you contact me, give me the following information:
.Exact resolution
.The ROBUX payment method (gift card, group payouts, marketplace)
.Due date
.Image type (prefer to work in PNG)
.Download type (how I’ll give the images to you)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Wow, i like the remakes, they seem pretty smooth. Good job!


Ethan is a pleasure to work with and most definitely an upcoming talent! I received my order of over 2 dozen faces from scratch very quickly and he was sure to reach out with updates and clarifications. I plan on coming back in the future.


I’ll be contacting you extremely soon as am interested in hiring your presence.


Sorry if I come across as critical, but are you just using a free image upscaler, and then charging people for it? You might not be, but there are plenty of websites that do.

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Nope, I make them from scratch. It’s not possible using an online tool to do what I do, you have to make it yourself.

Fair enough, they look good! Sorry for being skeptical.

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It’s alright :smiley: there’s no reason not to be skeptical :slight_smile:

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How much do they cost? I might buy some in the future.

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Sure :smile: something like 200 Robux each? Would that work? Also I can make custom faces and I believe I can work somewhat well with gradients

Funny seeing an old post of mine, I’m much more mature now

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