CheatBlocker🖥️ V1.5.1 - free and strong anti cheat [⬇️550+] (Fully Server Sided)

But it’s on the server…

Man, the replies after that new “hack console” update were hilarious.

@WHYI_MFAT please man you need to do more updates they just make this topic go crazy. Even if they’re small.

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If you write print("Hello World"!") to chat gpt, it will think it is a 10/10 since the code has “simplicity” and is “easy to read”

I can’t imagine how chatgpt only gave you a 7.5/10

my bad i already forgot about that but still using RunService is better than wrapping in a while true do

chatgpt is a computer in first place

fact is that it will think that obfuscated script is “easy to read” because its literally computer not a human!!!

i believe it was clientside anticheat in the past just read topic from the top

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dear WHYI_MFAT i never used your anticheat but i think that this is better than your “cheatblocker” Chickynoid, server authoritative character replacement

also detecting hooked functions on client is also a little bit better than serverside anticheat

i do have private method of detecting hooked functions on client and i think that instead of kicking/banning them for hooking those functions is bad

instead of banning them instantly upon detection i would do something even more evil just log it inside webhook and then later ban them for cheating so they dont know what actually caused the ban :smiling_imp:

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this sounds too good to be true

@Unlimited_Objects can confirm that i got the method from him

he probably doesnt even remember me but hi unlimited if you are reading this its me from discord you gave me the method on discord and if i remember correctly my name on discord was “antiscriptkiddy#4240” pls confirm me if you remember me

i also remember unlimited talked about these “stacks” just to confirm that i do actually have it for real (in case you dont remember me unlimited)

can confirm from my side i have it saved in .rbxl local file because i just double checked

MemoryStoreService > webhooks.

you mean this one?
AIAdminSystem.rbxl (69.5 KB)

no i meant that i have unilimited’s private hookfunction detection saved in rbxl local file

i save alot of projects in .rbxl file instead of uploading them to roblox

honestly i prefer webhooks because i can just ping myself every each time it detects hookfunction

Who wouldn’t? Local files are better because if you get banned you lose everything.

Why isnt there a .rblx file to download nor where to place the scripts :skull:

The OP linked the model in the marketplace, just get it and insert it (not like it’ll do much)


Did you… bot post likes? There’s no way that there are 85 real accounts who saw this and said “yep, this is really cool”, all with visitor status and free avatars.

Anyways Im muting this, sick of getting notifications for this spammy "module@


I get that the model is OP my main reason for needing to download is how fast i can bypass it
The main thing I don’t get is where to place the scripts

So… Where’s the free and strong anti-cheat…?

This was patched with RejectCharacterDeletions as it required the replication of humanoid deletion!


yup it looks botted
it was probably OP who botted it or someone else we will never know really

This amazing combination of words… oh my… it’s so complex even I don’t understand it… the words were picked by Zeus himself and delicately knitted together with the most graceful hands to exist… When I found this combination of wonderful words that fell from the heavens my life suddenly had meaning…

Every day I go to sleep thinking that these words will keep me safe with the power of Zeus…


Very much botted
I wish someone botted my anti cheat :sob: