Check if a player argument is inside a string (read desc.)

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  • I want to achieve a way to check if a certain word is inside my list of pre-made command aliases
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  • I’m aware of %s but it doesnt seem to fit my needs for this particular issue
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antibreakcmd = {
	"ayo, teleport %s here",
	"ayo, tp %s to me",
	"ayo, please bring %s over here"

So above me is a piece of code that I want to implement for my command. I wanna somehow check if the command is equal to any of the above aliases. And for that I will need to have something that tells the code that the chat message is equal to any of the cmd aliases. Example:


Let’s say someone typed:

[Any Admin]: ayo, teleport PLAYER to me

this would teleport PLAYER to the admin. I already have a function for teleporting the player btw, and checking if the string is correct although not with the player argument implemented. Here is the script btw:

Check if the command matches with the chat string
function CheckCmd(msg, Type, user)
	print(msg) -- message from user
	print(user) -- user who send message
	print(Type) -- the list of command aliases
	for _, correct in ipairs(Type) do
		if msg == correct then
			return true
	return false
Command format if u need it

And also this:

	if CheckCmd(msg, antibreakcmd, speaker) then --Chat Command
	--My teleport script is in here.


if you want to find a string in another string, maybe use string.find()

print(string.find(string1, string2));
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I don’t know if that would be a bit difficult to implement as the other commands don’t require an argument. I’ll try anyways : )

Why not just use FindFirstChild

local Player = Players:FindFirstChild(String1)
if not Player then return end;

it might work, but I have decided to just give up on this and make something else related. Thank you for the help though :slight_smile:

I’ll just mark this as the solution