Check It Facility Update Log (4)!/about

Update made by ExtrSwiftz and JakeyyDev
Update Log(A):

  • FIxed Ak-47 Stats
  • Fixed Generator Bug
  • Fixed Door Permission Bugs
  • Fixed unrelated Bugs

Update Log:

  • Added New Shop System (TS)
  • Added New Rebalanced Gun System
  • Added Generator System (by JakeyyDev)
  • Added New Weapon(by JakeyyDev)
  • Added New Items
  • Added Health Armor Buff (by JakeyyDev)
  • Added Map Changes and Expansion
  • Added New Menu Screen
  • Bug Fixed
  • Teams Items Changes
  • Fixed Herobrine
  • Fixed Scoobs
  • Fixed Doors Keycard Levels
  • Fixed C4
  • Nerfed Scoobs
  • Removed Some Game-pass (Offsale)
  • Removed Lag