Check out my chat tag tutorial!

Hey there, I just uploaded a video tutorial on how to make your own custom chat “tags”.
I’d love some feedback!


Can you explain what you’re doing? Videos aren’t always helpful and I find those types of videos as “click bait” because it doesn’t give the full coverage of what you’re doing.

I’d appreciate an in depth explaination of what you’re doing before the I play the video, I’m pretty sure @KinqAndi recently made a tutorial on something with a video, but explained what he did before we had clicked the video.


I’m using the default Roblox chat modules to add name tags before the users name.
For example: [Dev][ClutchDeveloper]: Hello
(Example of what it looks like in the Roblox chat)

It’s best to explain everything. How you edited the module, what you did to change the tag, where you changed the tag ect ect.

You explained nothing and linked a video instead. As I said before, explain everything. It just makes the tutorial look better.

Much easier way:
Go to


and insert something like:

	if fromSpeaker == "Klighter" then
        	useNameColor =, 48/255, 48/255)
       		formatUseName = string.format("Owner ".."[%s]:", fromSpeaker)



Oh, the tutorial is meant to be the video, not my forum post. Should I change the category thing?

Imo that doesn’t look half as nice as a separate tag - the tag system was made by Roblox so that we can add tags to the chat. I modified the module and added a script to add tags.

It’s way simpler, and shorter. Looks is opinionated. Imo both tag and name having the same colour looks nicer.

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Thank you. I’m starting to learn scripting and my friend wanted me to make him have an admin badge next to his name. This is a really nice start though to change his name color. :grin:


It would be more helpful if you explained what you were doing and how to accomplish the goal of this post (which is chat tags). This doesn’t seem like a tutorial and more rather a demonstration of your own capability.

The tutorials section is for instructing people on how to use certain features and/or accomplish different goals, not for advertising videos (which the linked video isn’t even a full tutorial).

A better way to accomplish this would be:

  • Creating a post titled “Adding Tags to the Lua Chat System” (“Check out my [x]!” isn’t a tutorial)
  • Detailing an explanation of what the tutorial is supposed to teach (a brief/summary)
  • Step-by-step process on how to achieve the intended product of the tutorial
  • Results (how it should look at the end)

What you’re doing here is:

  • Calling this a tutorial, which it truly isn’t
  • Linking a model to the Lua Chat System modules (which could have backdoors to them and inexperienced scripters wouldn’t know how to clear them out, assuming they exist)
  • Not giving any depth explanation for inexperienced coders to “DIY” and LEARN, as is the intended purpose of this category

See other tutorials in this category to get a basic understanding of how they should be laid out.


This belongs in Cool Creations now that it’s moved, not to Development Discussion itself. You can move this to the Cool Creations subcategory of Development Discussion by clicking the pen next to the title and selecting the CC category.

It wasn’t a staff member who moved it, I did. I’ll move it again now.

unlike any body else ; i as a non scripter was pretty pleased with your tutorial (:

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Sorry to let you know after you wrote a tutorial and everything, but with the new Roblox update coming this Wednesday the default chat scripts will have the ability to set custom tags for speakers.


Any chance in the future for easier support for multiple chat rooms?

What exactly do you mean? Do you mean like multiple UI elements with tabs or something, or just an easier way to create new channels?

Well for instance, I’m considering doing the following:

Friends Chat Tab, Global Chat Tab, Local Chat Tab (Distance), things of that nature so yes adding new tabs with their own windows.

I would like to see it become more of a standard to allow this sort of thing on the ROBLOX platform though. I know we have to do /team to switch to team chat, I’m creating more then I am playing games but what I’m saying is I would just basically like to see/have some control for these sort of things, like a team chat tab, friend chat tab, or who knows maybe even having a party chat tab if you were with a party on the website.

In short, no longer the need to do things like “/team” or “/join chatroom” basically, which I tried creating and joining a chat room once with the update awhile back in a game, just became frustrating and Im not sure how many players knew it even existed.

In Chat.ClientChatModules.ChatSettings you can set some flags in there to enable the chat channel tabs bar and other things like a resizable window. They’re off by default because they were a little bit too big of a change from the previous chat, but they’re still there for developers to turn on.

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Is it possible for me to somehow still use the chat system even with the topbar disabled? Probably would involve some copy/paste I’m sure.

In Chat.ChatScript at around line 75 it starts setting up all the BindableEvent connections to CoreGui space. If you comment out ConnectEvent(“TopbarEnabledChanged”) you can keep the chat window around even if the topbar is disabled. You can also comment out the connection for “ToggleVisibility” and “SetVisibility” to disable the chat being hidden when you open up the hamburger menu.

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