Check out our new release, "Survive the Night"

Just released this a few hours ago.
It’s a modern remake of our old 2016 classic “Before the Dawn”, which was featured a bunch by roblox and sat in top rated for a good few years.
Essentially hide and seek/tag where you do nothing but stay alive until dawn.
We made a snazzy new trailer for it too.

Let us know what you think.


as one of the dev build players, the general concept of the game is good, now obviously the concept isnt too unique, the mechanics and balancing are surprisingly good, the animations in general could be better, the maps and builds are good, especially with future lighting (the trailer made the forest map look amazing lol), it has good replay-ability and is pretty simple, which is good, and the trailer is amazing, it shows how the game usually would play out, overall, you and your team did an amazing job and seeing the higher player count brings joy

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(P.S.) I won this round

BOO It’s me, I got scared by my own face when I spawned in.
So pretty much this post slipped under my radar for horror games because it didn’t feature word horror anywhere x-x.
Anyways I’ve been a fan of the Before the dawn for a for a long time and was exited to see this remake on my recommends, most exiting when I found out it was you who made it and not a rip off.
When it comes to the gameplay it is exactly what it says it is, while also being well polished and fun. Notably the gameplay does get repetitive, maybe adding in game objectives that give bonuses which reveal parts of a story could work to help remove the repetitive nature of the game along with expanding the games player base.
^Piggy was a smash hit due to it’s simple fun gameplay and story.

All in all it’s as advertised.

Oppsie replied to the wrong person

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I gotta say I’ve always been a big fan of btd, it’s always been a quality game and that’s why I love it. Unfortunately, however, it’s always been massively flawed when it comes to gameplay, which is why the series has always flopped when it comes to player count. This build of the game is the closest it’s been to a fun, balanced game, but it just isn’t there yet.

Let me explain:

  • It is impossible as a survivor to create a perk / gear build that works with all maps. I like that maps require different playstyles, but because they’re so incredibly diverse it becomes impossible to come up with something that can work

  • The main way a survivor can get away from the killer once the killer is chasing them is with door looping. While this is actually a pretty good mechanic it also doesn’t work properly. Ranged killers kinda screw this one up along with the nature of the maps.

  • Speaking of killers, these guys are also incredibly diverse with some being flat out broken. Again, different playstyles for different killer classes / maps is a good thing, but making it impossible for the player to prepare for what’s to come isn’t. Not only are there are serious issues with some killer classes needing to be nerfed, but there are some that can attack a survivor directly through a wall without needing to know where they are.

There are more issues with the game in general, but it is still kinda fun. It’s a very nice game and it does a good job of feeling like something I’ve never seen on roblox before. If the gameplay was better I can see why this game would hit the top as one of the best spooky games on the platform.


Hey, have you given credit given to Realism — Make your games feel more immersive! anywhere? I checked the Discord, the group, and the game description, and it was nowhere to be found.

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Do you mind if you can add a turn off blood setting?

Love the game, I remember seeing the topic created years ago for Before the Dawn. Really nice to see how far it’s come.

Not sure if it’s a bug or not but you can get on the roof by climbing the wall: