Check out this new game! (Cancelled)

I’d like to introduce my group’s first official game, Meditation Simulator! Wait, don’t leave yet!! The game is different than any generic simulator. It has a realistic environment and the main goal is to present the user with a relaxing experience.

I’ve just released the beta version, and I’m eagerly waiting for testers to provide feedback. If you’d like to test, please visit the link to the game below and join the Discord server to give feedback.



This is just the beginning of this group’s journey. I have many ideas that I would love to bring to life. Step by step.


Currently there’s a bug with DataStore2 so saving is disabled, I’ll keep you updated. (Also I’ll be away for a few hours)

Nice game!

I recommend that you change the UI when you join, remove the black lines on the outside of the ImageLabel UI which appears after the loading is done. Basically what I mean by that is in it on the outside are some black lines. I recommend you change it to gray (since your game logo is that) to make it look better and so users have a better experience.

Other then that, nice game!

I’d rate your game a 8.8/10.

Good luck with your game!

I need to know something before I give feedback, is the loading screen real or is it just to make the game look better?


Overall the game is nice and pretty decent. The map is sort of big, so it leaves some room to explore.

One thing that is confusing is I noticed that you are able to obtain a stick for fighting, and there is a health bar on the GUI as well. This is telling me that the game has a fighting mechanic to it, and I’m not sure how fighting is going to give the user relaxation. On top of that, I feel like the Meditation button should be more obvious, since I saw the equip button first and thought to myself “I thought this was supposed to be a meditation simulator…?”, and any young Roblox player might not have noticed it. You should make the meditation button more clear by making it stand out from the GUI than making the equip button stand out.

The decision to place the GUI on the bottom of the screen was definitely something positive about the game because this is telling me that you are trying to make the GUI unnoticeable as possible, so the user can focus more on the map instead of the in game mechanics.

When you are meditating, it’s definitely going to start getting boring looking at the same area. I recommend that you place some animals so there’s something to look at. You can definitely just switch to a different location to meditate, but eventually it will get boring, and the game will turn into a place to AFK.

Maybe try to find a way to make the game less laggy in the future. I tried playing the game on my IPad Mini 2 (so it’s an old brand) and I immediately crashed before entering the game. Just something to keep in mind for the future.

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While the map looks nice, the game is honestly quite boring. You get bored of the smallish map pretty quickly, and the game mechanics are kind of weird.

  • It’s very unclear how to sell your “Visions”, if possible at all (I’m still not sure)
  • “Visions” is a weird name for something from meditation, when that’s not what meditation is for (secular meditation is for calming, like this game seems to suggest)
  • It’s also unclear why I would need to upgrade if I can’t sell my Visions.
  • Also as @Galaxy_Guest said, why is there PvP on a relaxing game?

Amazing game. I only think you should just change the trees and make the water darker. Other than that, it is awesome. Very good.

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You can buy things by touching the upgrade button in the menu, and then stop on one of the buttons. Once you click the upgrade button, it will bring you here:

Then boom. You are at the shop.

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Welp, the loading gui is not full of player screen yet, can you fix it ?

What do you mean?

You have the option to toggle PVP on/off

I think I’ll call this game a flop, and unfortunately I couldn’t fix the datastore. I’m not upset, it was quite a learning curve for 6 months and I’m now much better. I feel ready to tackle new challenges and create more games, also thank you for testing and giving feedback.

I didn’t ask this anywhere. I asked:

My focus has shifted towards Sci-Fi, I’m currently practising Sci-Fi modeling.

So the project is cancelled? ok lol

The person I replied to deleted his message