Check out this Realistic Bed I made!

This was made for a friend. The total tris is 28k. Let me know what you guys think.

Idk what else to say…


Love it! Although, the top part of the bed looks a little bit too tall


I like it but that backboard looks really tall and those pillows kinda look more triangle shape.

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I’d sleep on it, backboard kind of tall and pillows are triangular and it would be fine for me but definitely unrealistic in a sense of how the pillows and backboard is built.


For those saying the backboard is too tall, advice taken :D. I have fixed that. Also for those asking about the pillow shape, here is a better angle of it by itself.


blender has a new feature called cloth deform and makes cloth object look better

but cool bed i might wanna sleep on it

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This bed looks beautiful!
It really looks so soft, I love how the sheets aren’t just laying flat along the bed. You did a great job!

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That looks amazing! You are so talented :grin: