Check Who Liked/Favourited your Game

the title is pretty self-explanatory.

I have a couple projects of mine that are private but they all have numerous ’favourites’
from who I’m not sure of (whether it’s bots or such) as I haven’t mentioned it to any of my friends.

The same goes for likes and dislikes as most game ratings tend to be botted and I’d like to know what the source of it is.


TLDR: ability to check who favourited your game.
TLDR: ability to check who disliked/liked your game.


I don’t think this should be added because it immediately incentivizes in game rewards for those who chose to favorite, like, or dislike another game.


One problem with this is that it could lead to some devs threatening people who disliked their game, witch-hunting them, etc.

A possible fix to this would be adding some kind of setting that lets people see that you rated their game, but then most people would have this setting off and the feature would become pretty useless.