Checking for descendants

I found a pathfinding script a while back and it works great! Only issue is it uses a lot of unnecessary descendants (see image below), and I want to move all needed descendants (some of the nodes for the pathfinding are not needed) to a designated folder where I can utilize the needed nodes without fail.
How could I make a function or loop that goes through all the decsendants and only picks out the ones I need?


what type of instance are you trying to get?

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I’m just trying to get the parts that I need to make the completed path, I just need a function or loop to get all the descendants of a part and the descendents of that part etc. and filter the parts I need.

You can copy and paste this into command bar

for _, instance in pairs(Folder:GetDescendants) do --Replace "Folder" with the name of the folder your trying to get.

if instance.ClassName == "BasePart" then --Replace "BasePart" with the name of the class name.
instance.Parent = "Folder of choice"

Is there a way I can use this to loop through the descendants of a part and the descendants of that part etc in a script?

you can simply copy and paste the code the above into a script.

:GetDescendants already does that.
Don’t confuse it with :GetChildren()

I know of GetDescendents, my only issue is that it doesn’t cycle through every possible descendant unfortunately.

Could I get some help with this please? I really am struggling.

Nevermind, figured it out, just did some messing around with the pathfinding code.