Checking if team has less than 10 player not working (Solved)

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    I’m trying to check if a team has less than 10 player

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    the function below:

if #game.Teams.Playing:GetPlayers() > 10 then

when played, it doesn’t print

  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
    its up there

you are actually checking whether the team has more then 10 players you should type “<” instead of “>”

What you are doing here is checking if there is more than 10, if 10 is the maximum you want to check for you should use “<” , which is less than, you might also want to make sure you include the 10th by seeing if its less than or equal to 10 players.

if #game.Teams.Playing:GetPlayers() <= 10 then
local __MAXNUMS = 10
for d, nums in ipairs(#game:GetService("Teams").Playing:GetPlayers()) do
 if nums <= __MAXNUMS then

You could also use GetPropertyChangedSignal since it works with Teams.

Man, im very bad at maths

tysm for the replies though

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