Checking user badges question

I’ve been attempting to utilize the new “LIVE” update for “CheckUserBadgesAsync”

Every time I attempt to use it, this error appears

It has been labeled as “LIVE” for a few weeks now but am I perhaps using it wrong?



It’s not listed as a method of BadgeService on the docs, and I tried searching to see if they might’ve added it for a different service but still couldn’t find anything. I think its release might have been postponed, unfortunately

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Unlike the grid update it doesn’t list it as postponed. Perhaps it’d be better if I posted this to the engine support category.

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I think it warrants a report in the #bug-reports:documentation-issues category, since there doesn’t seem to be an announcement that explains what happened to it


Hi All,
Sorry for the confusion. There seems to be a documentation issue with Release Notes. We are working on this API but it should not be in LIVE state yet. I’m trying to track down why the label is wrong. We will fix the doc and update everyone when we are actually ready to release.


Sounds good thank you for informing me. If it helps I noticed that every time new release notes are made new selections are made LIVE. I assumed it was because multiple release updates are pushed every time new release notes are made but if it is an issue internally then that information may help.

Is there an average amount of time it takes for a release to actually become LIVE after being placed in release notes?

Thanks again for the swift response.

I’m not sure what the average time for becoming LIVE is. This particular Badges API was a special case because it was Alpha tested at part of The Hunt but isn’t ready for prime time release yet.


Hello. Again the page says LIVE and the feature is still unavailable. Just informing if there is any other sort of mistake.