Checking whether the 3 dots in CoreGui is there or not

Hey there! Sorry if the title wasn’t very concise, wasn’t sure how to explain it.

Basically, in my game, I have a few buttons that are supposed to mimic Roblox’s UI. The issue is that on some devices, like phones, the 3 dots in the upper right aren’t there, which causes an unnaturally large gap between the edge of the display and the button. Is there a way to detect whether it exists or not?

The button I’m talking about:
Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 2.52.50 AM

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I’m pretty sure mobile devices don’t have that button. You could always check if the player is on mobile, and if so move it to the right in order to fill that gap.


It seems to be there on iPads/tablets. I think could disable it entirely but I’d have to make a custom leaderboard which would take some time. If I’m not able to solve it, it may be my only option haha.

Photo from the “emulator” Roblox provides:
Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 2.57.37 AM

The reason I can’t just check whether the player is on mobile or not is because the UIS on phones and tablets are the same.

The button is there actually on mobile devices as well

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Unfortunatley, Roblox does not allow direct access to CoreGui (and in extent children of the CoreGui Service) and afaik there is no value in GetCore to detect if this is enabled.

You are not allowed to access this as this is where Roblox stores core elements and the CoreScripts (hence the name).

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