Checkout my showcase map!

I went ahead and made this in two days and everything within the map was made by me within the two day process. I don’t usually do environments and I’m in need of feedback on what to change or remove.


(Some images for those that would prefer)


Looks nice, space is filled well and every things spread out nicely. I can’t see anything wrong, very nice build.

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I highly encourage you to learn other software to help you with your level design. Including Blender, Miya, and other software that are allowed in Roblox Studio.

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The overall build was nice but I would experiment with different types of lighting.


I really love this showcase! It looks so realistic!!!


I already have years of experience within Blender! I just prefer to use f3x with some additional plugins. I personally wouldn’t achieve anything different in or outside of Roblox studio. (Plus I don’t have to really concern myself with polycounts and imports)

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Would you mind elaborating? I’ve been trying out different lightings but I don’t really see much else I can do without things feeling off balance.

this looks like something straight out of mid - late 2016, the trees brings out that vibe, i love the lightning of the game, I really have no complaints it just looks good


The trees and terrain are really basic. Good layout and lighting though.

Basic? I believe simplistic is a better word there. That is the style I was going for the environment is simply supposed to feed into the main course anything more complex would simply ruin that balance