Checks and Balances

The Association of Magic

Below you can find the way Association Authority runs The Association.

: Congress
i. The Congress runs each department or branch within authority or The Association.

: Magical Law Enforcement
i. MLE can punish people according to the rules. Regardless of rank or status.
ii. The Head of Moderation and their branch can check what the Legislature is doing.


: Parliament
i. Parliament can propose ideas with votes.
ii. Parliament can impeach anyone in the Congress with a supermajority (65%).
iv. Parliament can overturn a veto with a supermajority (65%).


: Judicial Council
i. The Judicial Council can declare anything a violation of the rules through evidence & logic.
ii. The Head of Justice may check any other branch and share the information with the Judiciary.
iii. The courts can declare any vote rigged if they have evidence of rigging & a matching context.
iv. The courts can review punishments made by MLE if MLE do not have valid proof.

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