Chenami : User Interface Portfolio (UI/UX)

I’ve just had the privilege of working with Chen, what an amazing UI designer.
The entire process went smooth, he was actively working, delivered quickly and even revised the entire UI at no further cost as he promised.
I highly recommend Chen for any of your UI work. If you take your game seriously and you’re looking for some top-notch UI, this is your guy.


Hi guys, I added more examples to my portfolio. There is a lot more coming soon. I hope you enjoy!

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He doesn’t beat tedarthur at all, if Ted made something in a week it’d blow everyones mind. He isn’t at teds level yet.

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A quite of few examples being updated soon :wink:

Stay tuned!

Yay! It is the time. I have updated more examples for you guys!


Amazing UI artist, would recommend to everyone. Very fast and gets the job done.

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Incredible guy, incredible work, and always gets stuff done with speed.

I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a UI design of any kind.

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This may be the best UIs I’ve ever seen on Roblox. The fact I love is just that you can do so many styles and all of them look amazing. I love your military UIs the most as they look like they could be in an actually PC game, not just Roblox. Keep up the amazing work!

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One of the best UI designers on this platform with a good work ethic, highly recommend this user if you’re interested in high quality UI in a reasonable time!

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super amazing UI artist! i remember starting my flower shop months ago and being extremely happy w/ the finished product. i don’t think i could afford him again LOL, but i had an all around lovely experience. thanks again !!

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hi, how’s it going, I hope everything is going good with your plants :0

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hey! everything’s great. we reached like 1,700 members lol, and y’know we only just released in may. i learnt how to build so i’m shooting out updates like crazy. right now, we’re hosting a drawing comp with a prize pool of 5,000 robux & and a participation award of around 50-1000 robux per person (i have enough for like 100 people to enter). hope you’re doing great!


that’s good, and glad your plants are surviving lol, you got my discord if you wanna catch up on life


This is a review for his services. He was quick to help within the next day of meeting him. Although the work he did was not the end result for my project, he helped me get started on a project and build momentum on it which wouldn’t of been possible on my own. There are a lot of hidden gems with working with him, because it wasn’t just about the UI, he offered me resources and helped me learn throughout the process.


Very bad experience with him. We had a large project lined up (5+ diferent GUI’s with 1 larger main menu). Things started off a bit rough as we had to scramble some limiteds together for payment, eventually paid him half of the total price upfront (about 100 USD in value according to the person who paid him). After he got the payment we spent a total of 3 weeks on the project and we only got 2 small things which aren’t even done and of very bad quality.

The communication was horrible, we had troubles even reaching him and he would only rarely respond to the DM’s of 1 specific person.

Quality of the eventual project was very bad. We had 1 GUI acting as a single equipment slot as a replacement for the native Roblox inventory which wasn’t even scaled properly across devices. And another GUI for the inventory itself which also wasn’t properly scaled and the outline on the GUI wasn’t consistent in width alongside the entire side, this was because of the usage of bad images.

Lastly he ignored requirements, initially when he built the GUI the outline was precoloured in PS. I said we wanted to change it from within studio in case of later compatability and he simply refused and went on to recolour it himself from within PS anyway. Took me at least 5 days to eventually get my request through to him when he finally did it at which point it wasn’t even properly created anymore to the point where the whole outline didn’t scale properly anymore.

As a final point he stepped out of the project on his own accord (although if he did not we would’ve removed him) and took the 100 USD he got and refused to give us the money back for the absolute horendous quality of UI we got.

I would definitely NOT recommend him for any further projects, it really feels like he just does what he wants and doesn’t listen to the customer.


The complaint above won’t be personally addressed by me in detail due to my own fault for having bad communication skills lately and been busy with life but will say that the

  • “refused to give us money back”
  • “stepped out of the project on his own accord”

is simply false because his DMs are turned off to friends only and I do not have him added nor did he add me (he is the programmer, not the client). I left 9/10 of my servers and just sticked to development group chats which is probably why he couldn’t message me. His friend added me today and sent a screenshot saying I blocked him, which is simply not true again. It is a bunch of accusations. He never asked for a refund either.

There is more things he listed which just isn’t true and taken out of context however I won’t address them since it isn’t that much of a big deal. My portfolio is used to showcase my work and not to have a keyboard battle here.

Although, I will say that everyone else that has commissioned me has been satisfied besides him.

To update in case people read through all the comments: Mid January 2021 now, the game owner of this project is still trying to hire me for his project. The programmer (FloweryMonkeyboy5) quit because the game owner called him out for leaking their tech and he was trying to DMCA him, etc. said word by word from game owners DMs. Will provide DMs if necessary.

Kinda upsetting to have one false comment stained on my portfolio out of a dozens and dozens of happy clients :frowning:


Adding more examples I made for my commissions to my portfolio tonight! :smiley:

Hi, I’ve added 5 more examples to my portfolio!

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Prices are also reduced due to school coming up so I’m currently not bombarded with requests.

I’ve also added a permanent UI subscription.

40k+ ROBUXS30+
$150+ USD$100+
50k+ LIMS40k+

A lot more examples will be added this week. Stay tuned :+1: