cherryviIIa, UI and Graphics Artist


I’m cherryviiia, avid graphic designer since March 2020. You are welcome to address me as Cherry, but I don’t mind if you call me Issie. Now that my fundamentals are adequately developed, I’m bringing myself to the platform to show off what I’m learning. September 2020, I dwelled into the world of UI! It was an eye-opening experience, letting me take a break from commissions by exploring something I was sparked an interest in.

I’m a very jovial and loud person! Though I’d love to crack jokes and share some memes with you, it’s time for some business.

This portfolio is a less selective compilation of some commissioned and non-commissioned works. I offer a variety of services! Group logos, gamepasses, thumbnails, advertisements, and anything else seen below.

I have recently gotten into UI designing, where I have fewer examples. Request at your own risk!

Most of these graphics were made when my username was ynqng.

Logos (1000x1000)

Thumbnails (1080x1920)

Ads (Varied Sizes) / DISCONTINUED


This section pertains information about my services.


To reduce my workload and to ensure that each request can receive their undivided attention, I will only accept one GFX request and one GUI request per week. I will try my best to fulfill your order within this timeframe. With this said, if there are multiple requests in the future, there will be a queue using the Trello platform. This is all experimental.


Logos: 1K R$+, $7.50 USD
Thumbnails: 2.5K R$+, $18.50 USD
UI: 1K R$+, $7.50 USD

These are my base prices. I have the right to adjust the price according to the difficulty and the time it takes. I accept group funds and Paypal.

Payments will be paid upfront. After paying, we’ll first discuss with a vision, a basic theme that you’d like. Further details will be requested. The next process is the drafting and editing section. I’ll be frequently notifying you and sharing drafts to make sure you’re satisfied with the product. I’m happy to accept as many changes required! Your feedback and thoughts help me improve my skills. If you’re satisfied with the final draft, I will send the finished graphic.

Contact Info

If you’re interested in working with me, feel free to send a friend request to me on Discord! After sending a request, please reply to this topic. I will not reply to private DevForum messages. If you have any inquiries, concerns, or comments, feel free to do so in the replies! I’d be more than happy to answer them.

Discord: issie#3801

Thanks for checking out my portefeuille.
Have a diddly darn good day! :wave::smile:


much portfolio, very color. 10 spicy jokes out of 10.

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very nnice !! i like her words :yum: they are big words that only a oxford dictionary / thesaurus would use

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Likewise. Why did the can crusher quit their job? Because it was soda pressing! slaps kneecaps


Hello! My requests are open! There is one GFX slot and one GUI slot open for this week. (10/03 - 10/10.)

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