Chest System by Remished

I’ve made this daily chest system out of boredom and decided to opensource it since I saw a few people asking for something similar. I’ve tried my best to make it look good, even though I only stood for the scripting part myself.

PS. I did not make any of the gui or models. Feel free to change whatever you like.

Preview of the asset: Daily Chest System
Uncopylocked game: Wokecalls Daily Chest System - Roblox
Asset model: Daily Award System By Wokecalls - Roblox

Have a nice day.


This resource is very nice, and I can see it being used by others! This looks very nice and love how it looks and everything about it. Great job on this as its pretty nice! I don’t know but I think you should make it to a model so people who can’t edit it because of the Roblox studio error since they need to run administrator if you so desire.

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This looks awesome! I’ve been wondering how to make stuff fly out of a chest like that lol Is it possible for you to upload the model of it? If not its ok.

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I added the model to the initial post :slight_smile:

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