[Chicago 1949] Chicago Police Department Rules

Chicago 1949

Chicago Police Department Rules

1: No Random Killing
2: Respect Turfs
3: No False Arresting
4: Police Car Policy
5: Public Areas
6: Escalation Procedures
7: Warrant Information
8: Off-Duty Policy
9: Arrestable offences
10: Radio protocol
11: Ranks
12: Disciplinary Policies

The Chicago Police Department was created to ensure the safety of innocent citizens and suppress crimes in the city of Chicago. Thus, we must serve and protect the kind people of the city. Be sure to help conduct gameplay and be of assistance to anyone who needs information. Once you are accepted into the Chicago Police Department, remember to always have your name and red tag displayed for others to see. You must also wear the police uniform while being in Chicago. Detectives are exempt from this requirement.

Make sure to abide by the following important rules:

No Random Killing

Anyone caught killing a citizen or member of a mafia will be warned, demoted, or suspended. We shall not tolerate members who kill players without a reason to do so.

Respect Turfs

Any building that can be claimed as a territory shall not be entered by members of the Chicago Police Department without permission from the owning mafia or by having a warrant (issued by Captain+). Please note that members of the police department are not allowed to claim turfs. If you wish to gain money, please work at a job location. If the job is located in a turf, you may enter. Do not abuse this loophole to be able to enter the territory. Also, any off-duty members are not allowed to arrest or terminate anyone inside of the turf. If you are invited into the territory by the crime family who claimed the turf, you may arrest or terminate them if you are assaulted by them. Anyone found breaking this rule will most likely be exiled or demoted.

No False Arresting

Anyone that is caught arresting a player for no reason whatsoever will immediately be dealt with and most likely exiled. The reason must be valid such as arresting the player for murder, theft, or harassment. The details to each rule will be listed as follows:

Random Killing (RK) - The only reason why you should shoot a player is if they’re resisting arrest, not obeying verbal warnings, aiming a weapon at a player, or assaulting a player. If a member of the police department is discovered to be randomly killing players, they shall receive punishment such as a demotion and have their reputation and trust among Chicago Police Department lowered.

Respecting Turfs - The only methods of entering a turf under a police basis are through warrants which will be explained later. While achieving a warrant, anyone entering the turf is capable of being arrested. You may also terminate anyone holding a weapon inside of the turf while the operation is still in effect. If you are to visit the turf for the sole purpose of working, you mustn’t interfere with the families that are in the turf unless they kill a member of the Chicago Police Department that had a warrant. If you gain permission from the family that claimed the territory, you mustn’t interfere with the family with any method of doing so. Please remember that if the family murder any innocent players that are out of the property, you may terminate or arrest the criminal.

False Arrests - An example of a false arrest would be to cuff a player for annoying you, casually walking around you, or insulting a different player. You may arrest a citizen or crime family member if they’re assaulting a player, committing murder, admitting to committing a murder, theft, aiming a weapon at a player, harassment, and disobeying a verbal warning. The warning must be for the purpose of making the player drop a weapon, leave a vehicle that doesn’t belong to them, or cease attacking a player. To prevent bias, refrain from creating operations which involve crime families fighting against other crime families.

Police Car Policy

Note that simply because every member of the Chicago Police Department is able to spawn a vehicle, you should not spawn one unless needed to. Restrictions upon this will only allow for a maximum of one police cruiser in a peaceful server. For a rowdy server, two cars will be acceptable. Any requests for further amounts of vehicles will require both an need of approval from a member of the Chicago Police Department that has the position of lieutenant or higher.

Public Areas

You have a ability to patrol anywhere that there is a road or building located at that cannot be claimed by any crime families. Keep in mind that open carry of weapons is forbidden inside the bank, gun dealership, car dealership, police department, and city hall. This applies to members of the Chicago Police Department as well, unless they are ordered to carry on the duties for certain procedures. While on the streets of Chicago, weapons are allowed to be held as long as they're lowered, which you'd have to press "Q" to do. Bats are automatically considered lowered unless a player is attacking someone with it. Crowbars are not considered lowered, therefore, anyone failing to comply with the previous information will enter the process of the next protocol.

Escalation Procedures

When encountering a rule-breaker, do your best to fulfill the following template:

Step 1: The officer must halt the person without showing any force and respectfully ask them to stop the offensive behavior.

Step 2-A: If the offender has agreed and ceased the action within the first five seconds, the conflict is ended with only a warning.

Step 2-B: If the offender does not agree or does not stop the offensive behavior within the first five seconds, the policeman may warn the player, reminding them that they have broken a rule.

Step 3: If the conflict has escalated to this point, you may pull out cuffs or a provided firearm, but always keep this option for last and attempt to see if the act of persuasion will cause the offender to stop.

Step 4: If the previous step did not help or the offender attacks the officer, the usage of handcuffs is authorized if the offender is nearby.

Additional Notes: If the target runs away or resists arrest once the fourth step has been reached, the use of lethal force is authorized, as it is also allowed if the suspect pulls out a firearm and assaults the officer. If a player commits a crime and takes cover inside of a territory that is claimed by a mafia, you are allowed to follow them inside for the purpose of arresting that player.

Warrant Information

Warrants are issued by the members of the Council after the majority have voted for one to be issued, the Mayor, members of the Cabinet, the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief of Police, Commander and under the Chief of Police's permission, the Captains of the Chicago Police Department. Warrants only last for a limited time, reaching a maximum of thirty minutes, and are only targeted to an assigned territory. While a warrant is still in effect, all unauthorized subjects within the assigned territory shall be arrested. Before entering the territory, you must say that you have gained a warrant. Once the turf's interior is cleared of unauthorized personnel, a minimum of one officer(s) must stand near the entrance of the turf to inform citizens or crime family members about the matter. Any civilians that assault the officers protecting the building's entrance are subject to being arrested or terminated. The operation may be shutdown anytime once the area is deemed peaceful.

Off-Duty Policy

Members of the Chicago Police Department must change out of their uniform to be considered off-duty. Keep in mind that members are prohibited from going off-duty if crimes are high in rate and are noticeable. While being off-duty, you are allowed to enter any turf but you may not terminate or arrest anyone inside. If the crime family or anyone inside of the territory kills you, you are restricted from arresting or terminating that player. A member of the Chicago Police Department that is a Sergeant or higher rank is capable of ordering a lower rank to be on duty if needed. Off-duty members are also prohibited from arresting players anywhere but they may defend themselves in public areas of the city with a firearm. Going on duty to simply arrest someone near you or for committing a crime while you were off-duty is prohibited as well. You may only be off-duty for a maximum of fifteen minutes, but only if the server is peaceful. If you are on duty and invited into a turf by the crime family who claimed the territory, you are able to arrest them if they open fire upon you. Anyone breaking this rule will most likely be exiled or demoted.

The 3/1 Policy means 3 Officers per patrol car in game. Which means there can only be 1 patrol car spawned in game per 3 officers.

Arrestable offences

The offences arrestable are as following;
1: Assault of civilian
2: Assault on officer
3: Sitting in a patrol car after being warned 3 times
4: Random killing
5: Carrying a weapon in a public area (Bank, City hall, Car dealership and gun dealership)
6: Harassment failing to listen to a warning
7: Murder
8: Taking a gang war out of turf area (within 20M/ 65ft)
Note that an attack with a baseball bat is not seen as assault and is not arrestable.
Only when they refuse to listen to a warning
A Crowbar is seen as a weapon and is arrestable.

Radio protocol

The radio protocol is as following;

1: Make sure you turn the radio off after every use
2: 10-4 will be used as ‘’Understood’’ ‘’Copy’’ etc.
3: Keep the radio clean don’t write unnecessary stuff in there
3: The only code that we’ll be using are 10 codes which you see below;

Code 1: answer your radio
Code 2: respond immediately to location, no lights or siren, obey all traffic laws
Code 3: respond immediately with lights and siren to location, exemption from traffic laws permitted with lights and siren
Code 4: no further units need respond, return to patrol


1: Cadet - No insignia

2: Police Officer - No insignia

3: Corporal - Two Chevrons

4: Detective - Two Chevrons and Single star right below

5: Sergeant - Tree Chevrons

6: Lieutenant - Single Bar

7: Captain - Two bars

8: Commander - Leaf

9: Deputy Chief of Police - Single Star

10: Chief of Police - Two Stars

Detective equals the Sergeant ranks. You’ll have greater responsibilities.

Lieutenant is a junior management position. You’re close to becoming high ranked staff. Therefore you shall be the first on the front line in tough times.

Disciplinary Policies

We as the Chicago police department like to be as realistic as possible with accurate Uniforms, correct behavior etc, this also means we need realistic disciplinary policies in place.

Failure to comply or follow any of the above rules or regulations will lead to punishment, suspension from the clan or the removal from the Chicago Police Department completely.

1: If you break the rules or regulations above then a member of Captain+ (Senior Officials in the CPD) will state you are breaching the clan rules and regulations. (warning)

2: If this consists to happen then a Senior Official will call you for an interview By a Captain+ (Voluntary Interviews are of course voluntary but if an interview is requested you MUST attend or face disciplinary action).

3: If there is substantial evidence provided during the interview then the senior Officer will Issue you with a 1st Strike This is a very firm warning. A 2nd Strike Can be issued. From here you’ll be suspended and you’ll get the Suspended tag. (Suspensions can vary depending on what you have done.)

4: After your suspension has been lifted and you continue to break the rules and regulations of the CPD then a 3rd strike will be issued to you followed by a removal from the Chicago Police Department.

NOTE: All members can file complaints via Commander+ a form shall be set up soon.

Yellow Notice - A warning that gets put on record.

Red Notice - A removal from the clan, must be authorized by Commander+

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