Chicago Central Game Rules


                                 **Game Rules**

Rule 1 - New Life Rule

This rule is very important and we do not take this lightly. You will not be allowed to target players once they have killed you however you can mark them for arrest on your radio and after 40 seconds of your respawn, you may proceed to get revenge.

Rule 2 - Activity & Cash Farming

You will be earning cash whilst you’re inside of the game however this means that we will sadly get people who decide to farm their cash without taking part in community events. If you are absent from your keyboard for longer than 15 minutes then you may be kicked by one our Administrators. If you’re a repeat offender then one of our Developers will just reset your cash back to 0.

Ruke 3 - Exploiting

Any form of exploits being used in our game will result in an immediate ban from both our Discord server and ROBLOX game.

Rule 4 - Spawn Killing

Any form of spawn killing will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the head of your department, if you are not in a department, you will simply be banned.

Rule 5 - Avoiding Arrest

Leaving or Resetting to avoid arrest will not be tolerated as it makes things less enjoyable for other players; If you disconnect and must rejoin then that is fine as long as you can display evidence to the arrester via discord.

Rule 6 - Glitching

If you attempt to glitch into any part of the map, you will be warned only once and removed from the server if it happens again. Ensure you alert a Developerso they can either patch it.

Rule 7 - Raiding

Raiding any official event without authorized approval will result in an immediate ban for all who are participating, however if it is a whole department raid, the department will be shutdown.

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