Chick Fil A Community Information

Welcome to Chick Fil A!
At Chick Fil A, we are serving quality chicken with flavor lasting for hours! Chick-Fil-A is a fast food restaurant where you can hang with your friends and family and get our famous chicken sandwiches and everything else. We hope to become popular and spread joy to everyone across the ROBLOX nation!

Chick Fil A was founded by brvokenncd on November 27th, 2019

Chick Fil A Group


Community Server Rules:

  • Do NOT put up any racist/inappropriate images.
  • Any videos or images that are bad WILL be deleted as soon as possible.
  • Please do not put up an image/video after it has gotten taken down.

Game Rules:

  • Exploiting is prohibited. (Bannable Offense)
  • Trolling is not tolerated. (Kickable Offense)
  • Disrespecting Members of the Community is prohibited. (Bannable Offense)

Staff Rules:

  • Disrespecting Customers is prohibited.
  • Failing to do your job is prohibited.
  • Showing a lack of effort during shifts is prohibited.

Possible Punishments:

  • Warning

  • Kick

  • Temporary Ban

  • Ban

  • Permanent Ban

  • Suspension

  • Termination

If you see someone violating our rules, please contact an Executive Intern+ for them to handle it.

Group Games

Chick Fil A Restaurant
This map is our main game and all of our shifts will be hosted here!
Chick-Fil-A | Cafe and Restaurant - Roblox

Application Center
When you visit this game, you can apply for Awaiting Training and then get trained to become a Cashier!
Application Center - Roblox



Customer - A customer of Chick Fil A!

Noted Customer - Someone important to the Founders.

Low Ranks

Awaiting Training - This is the rank you become when passing the Cashier Application at the Application Center!

Cashier - This is the rank you become when completing 1 training. With this rank, you can greet customers behind the register and prepare their food!

Senior Cashier - This is the rank you become when completing 2 training. With this rank, you can greet customers behind the register and prepare their food! You can also help out struggling Cashiers!

Chef - This is the rank you become when completing 3 training. With this rank, you can greet customers behind the register and prepare their food! You also are now able to assist Lower Ranks!

Executive Chef - This is the rank you come to when you complete your 4th training. With this rank, you are able to greet customers, prepare food as well as check up on customers and ask them how the food was!

Shift Leader - This is the rank you become when an Assistant Manager+ notices you working at the cafe 5 days in a row and promotes you! You can also obtain this rank by completing your 5th training!

Middle Ranks

Intern - You can get this rank by applying in our monthly applications. In this rank, you will be trained by a Coordination Council+ to become a Training Assistant.

Training Assistant - This rank is earned when completing all stages of MR Training. With this rank, you can supervise at the Restaurant, assist in training as well as do any other job a Low Rank can do! You have also earned an invite to the exclusive CFA Management Server!

Supervising Team - This rank is earned when Executive Management meets every 2 weeks to discuss promotions! This job is able to do any job a Training Assistant can as well.

Assistant Manager - This rank is earned the same way as Supervising Team. With this rank, you can supervise at the Restaurant, and you can now Co-Host training!

General Manager - This rank is earned when an Executive Intern looks through the number of training you have assisted/Co-Hosted as well as how active you are in-game.

Upper Management

Coordination Council - This rank can be earned when an Executive Manager decides you have made a benefit to the Management Team and you are able to take on some responsibilities. As a Coordination Council, you are able to train future MR’s when they are assigned to you, as well as be an overseer in Training!

Administration Team - This rank can be earned by getting 4+ recommendations from Executive Management. In this rank, you can do everything Lower Ranks can do as well as be able to help them!

Executive Management

Executive Intern - This rank is achieved when you apply in the bi-month Application Cycle exclusive to Coordination Council and Administration Team Staff Members. You are now apart of Executive Management!

Executive Manager - This rank is hand-chosen by the Vice Presidents of Chick Fil A. You are able to promote hardworking General Managers and Coordination Council now! Congratulations, you are so close to Presidential Management!

Executive Officer - This rank is hand-chosen by the President and Executive Vice President. They are responsible for overseeing the LR, MR, and Executive Management teams.

Presidential Management

Vice President - This rank is chosen by Presidential Management. They are responsible for overseeing a specific set of ranks designated by the Executive Vice President.

Senior Vice President - This someone who has been with the group since the start or the re-launch. They have been through thick and thin, and the President of Chick Fil A is proud to call them Senior Vice Presidents. They are responsible for overseeing all Public Relations.

Executive Vice President - This is the person you don’t say ‘no!’ to. He is the Co-Founder of the Group and has been with it since we only had 2 members. The Executive Vice President is responsible for overseeing all Chick Fil A Operations and reporting to the President.

President - This is the Founder of Chick Fil A. He is responsible for ensuring the group is running smoothly as well as managing all development affairs. Typically, he takes heavy advice from his Executive Vice President.

Here are some things to increase your chances of being promoted ye!

  • Positive Attitude
  • Attending Training
  • Attending Shifts
  • Respecting everyone at Chick Fil A!
Training Information

Training Times

N/A (will post when Training Center releases)

All Training Times are in EST only and are made to accommodate our Upper Management. If you have trouble converting your time, please contact a Chick Fil A Staff Member.

When your in a training session, our AFK Time Limit is 3 minutes. If you are AFK longer than that, we will, unfortunately, have to dismiss you from the session. However, your welcome to attend as many sessions!

We do not have a daily training session limit. All you need to know is that you can’t train to go above Executive Chef.

To secure a trainer in a session, please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time so that the trainers can get everyone grouped!

If you pass your training, you will be ranked by our handy in-game commands and you will be kicked when we rank you. Please do not leave before that or the bot could break!

How to Become a Partner

What it means to be a Chick Fil A Partner

Chick-Fil-A affiliates are one of the most important parts of our group. They help us grow and we will help them grow. We expect them to announce our important events because that’s what we will do for them. We maintain mutual respect for each other in both of our games and do not cause drama.

Partnership Requirements

250+ Nonbotted Members

40+ Active Members

Must have Group Games

The group must be able to announce our important events.

Partners must be willing to coordinate with a Senior Vice President to work out things.

To inquire about partnerships, please contact a Senior Vice President or the Executive President via our discord server that is linked to our group page.

If you have any questions about the aforementioned information above, please contact a Training Assistant+

Warm Greetings,

Chick Fil A Executive Vice President

Chick Fil A President