Chicken Express®️ | Public Handbook

Welcome to the official Chicken Express®️ Public Handbook! This handbook is to inform members of our community about us. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact a Staff Assistant+.

Chicken Express® is a popular role-play restaurant on the ROBLOX Platform. We are a regional chain of fast-food restaurants concentrated in the Southern United States. All chicken products are precisely marinated; dipped in a secret batter mix and cooked to perfection. Giving the customer that hot and juicy flavoring, so unique to Chicken Express! Our highly trained staff will get the freshest most delicious chicken on Roblox. We currently have over 40,000 members, and have been operating since 2014.

Rules & Regulations

All rules and regulations will be listed below, these are our additional rules as everyone must abide by the ROBLOX Terms of Service. Our staff members will take action if you disobey one of our rules.

  • Advertising is not permitted within our group or games.
  • Trolling and exploiting is strictly prohibited within our premises.
  • Bypassing is strictly prohibited within our premises.
  • Using capslock excessively is not tolerated.
  • Bullying and disrespect is not tolerated within Chicken Express.
  • Spamming is strictly prohibited within our premises.

Game Links

Alliance Information

Chicken Express is always looking for new, dedicated groups which we could form an alliance with. However, we do have alliance requirements to ensure that both groups are benefitting eachother equally. Requirements will be posted below, along with our application questions.

Alliance Requirements
  • At least 5000 non botted group members.
  • Good reputation within the ROBLOX and Discord Platforms.
  • At least 150 Discord members.
  • Have an active Discord and ROBLOX group.

Application Questions
  1. Provide a basic description of your group.
  2. How can your group benefit us?
  3. How can we benefit your group?
  4. Why would you like to form an alliance with Chicken Express?
  5. What makes your group unique?
  6. Who are 2 representatives who would represent your group if we were to form an affiliation?
  7. Please provide links to your ROBLOX group and Discord Server, as well as any other important links.

Once you have completed your alliance application, please direct message a member of the Public Relations Department with the document. If you have any further inquiries regarding alliances, please contact a Corporate of Public Relations.

Session Times

All times are based in the EST timezone.


  • 4AM, 7AM, 10AM, 1PM, 4PM, 7PM, 10PM


  • 3AM, 6AM, 10AM, 12PM, 4PM, 8PM, 11PM

If you have any further inquiries, please contact a Staff Assistant+.
Please let us know if you find any errors within our group.

The Presidential Division of Chicken Express®️.