Chicken Express Community Information

Chicken Express Community Information

"Eat, Drink, Enjoy."

What is Chicken Express?

Chicken Express is a regional chain of fast-food restaurants concentrated in the Southern United States. All chicken products are precisely marinated; dipped in a secret batter mix and cooked to perfection. Giving the customer that hot and juicy flavouring, so unique to Chicken Express! Our highly trained staff will get the freshest most delicious chicken on Roblox!

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Chicken Express Group


In Chicken Express, we set ground rules for our community to follow to ensure that we can provide a good experience for our players and our crew members. Our management and moderation team are at full extent to moderate your record if you violate any rules.

Rules for Everyone:

  • Respect all players including customers and staff
  • Follow all Roblox Terms of Service, we have a right to terminate your play time if violated
  • You are held accountable for your own accounts actions, do not go to us with a reason for your actions if your account was compromised
  • All purchases made by customers are 100% final and no refunds are handed out. You chose the right to purchase the product.

SIDE NOTE: You don’t have to warn for caps abuse
Trolling - 3 Warnings with the stated reason, and then a kick
Exploiting- automatic ban/pban
Inappropriate Username - Automatic pban
Inappropriate attire - 3 warnings and kick
Bypassing a ban - automatic blacklist and pban (without warnings on alts)

Staff Rules

Inside of Chicken Express, we want to make sure that we have our staff at the highest standards that our customers expect. For this reason, we have placed in rules in which our staff are expected to follow.

  • Utilize grammar to your best ability. We understand that not everyone has English as their first language.
  • Respect customers at all times. If they are not following our guidelines, follow the warning procedures properly.
  • Refrain from causing drama with other employees, we want to display a well-built staff team. We ask that you set aside your personal preferences with some staff members.

Player Rule Infractions

To ensure that Chicken Express can offer a good experience for players, we have set up a procedure that our staff follow in the scenario that customers are violating our rules.

  • Warning
  • Kick
  • Server Ban
  • Permanent Ban
Group Games

Public community game for our customers and staff to visit and order some food or serve customers. All player rules are expected to be followed while in this game. Staff have all rights to warn you if you do not follow our rules

Application Center
*In our application center, this is an automated quiz that allows all group members to take if they wish to become a staff member. *
[APPLY!] Application Center - Roblox

Training Center
There has to always be a way to help us assist our staff in ensuring our customer satisfaction! To help us in this, our corporate team can host trainings to help educate our staff and ensure customers are given their highest expectations.
[TRAIN!] Training Center - Roblox

Rank Center
Want to make a donation to Burger Place and also get a cool rank in our group? Join this center and it will allow you to donate certain amounts and obtain a rank with certain abilities listed by the rank.
[CLAIM RANK!] Rank Center - Roblox

Event Center
Within our community, there are some events that are really important and we make sure that everyone can access it. To ensure this, we have an event center that is public and allows all players to join when an event is hosted.
Coming Soon

Training Information

In order for our staff to rank up to the highest low rank role, they must attend trainings to advance in their knowledge. To make sure we can even out training sessions in a day, we have a time schedule that our corporate team follows that can be shown below.

12pm EST | 4pm GMT
2pm EST | 6pm GMT
4pm EST | 8pm GMT
6pm EST | 10pm GMT
8pm EST | 12am GMT
10pm EST | 2am GMT
12am EST | 4am GMT
2am EST | 6am GMT

Make sure that while you are waiting that you are paying attention because it could be that we start delayed and you may miss some important information before the session! You could also get kicked if you don’t respond to a trainer in time.

If you plan on attending, we suggest coming 5-10 minutes early to claim your spot! Our staff team would hate for you to miss the session as we enjoy training every single one of you. Please keep in mind that Staff Assistant+ are able to train and help at sessions, Corporate Assistant + are able to host sessions.

Partnership Information

Looks like you are planning to ally with Chicken Express! Our public relations team is astonished and is prepared to get your application and start a new journey with your group! But hold up, make sure your group meets our requirements so that we can form well-worth alliances that can benefit us both.

Partnership Requirements

βž” Group must have at least 10,000 members.
βž” Group must have professional staff.
βž” Group must be willing to shout and attend our events.
βž” Group members must not break Roblox or Discord TOS
βž” Group must have a clean history, or show improvements from any disruptive history.

Partnership Application

If your group meets these requirements, please proceed to messaging a public relations member for the application to apply for a partnership. You must DM them to gain a form link to refrain from troll partnership applications.

Cooking Guide

At Chicken Express, we have certain operations that may be confusing to some people inside of our kitchen. To ease the process for some of our staff members we have created a Cooking Guide which can be found here.

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