Chickynoid, server authoritative character replacement

Ah, yeah I’m doing the full resim :slight_smile:

I do do a lot of work to avoid it, though.


I actually like the player box collisions. Maybe a capsule collision would be preferable in the future, but I find simple collisions like box are much more reliable than per-limb collisions and such.
Overall I found the system to be incredibly fluid. The only thing holding me back right now from expanding upon it is the lack of MeshPart/complex collision support, which would likely need a Roblox update anyway.

Yeah you’d have to clip stuff manually with parts right now.
Complex collision support is possible by reading the data from the roblox mesh format as it uses convex hulls too, but that would be a big old hack.

For the R6 I just took a standard R6 rig and made it dupe that instead. I noticed it was sinking into the ground for me so I commented out the code in CharacterModel that sets the hipheight/modeloffset. Then I just added an animator and the animations under the R6 Rig humanoid. I don’t want to upload it because it doesn’t really work that properly yet and I wouldn’t want to cause confusion with any future updates.

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I’ll add R6 support at some point. R6 uses a different hip height calculation though.


How can one read roblox mesh file data on runtime? Httpservice? Roblox proxy?

Kinda asked this before, This is an interesting option for competitive multiplayer games.

However, does this still put the same amount of load on the client as Humanoid or does the server do most of the work.

Chickynoid is less expensive than Humanoids.

Great to know, I would love to use this in my Rocket-League style game.

Because, due to roblox’s replication in terms of physics, its not very smooth and its outright just terrible.

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You should probably be prepared for some serious modding in that case since Chickynoid doesn’t do car physics. Good luck!

crud, would have been a great opportunity. Gotta make this an update later on for the game, maybe an update where we switch to chikynoid once its ready for production.

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This thing is really laggy and also you can launch yourself by walking to a corner of a part really cool ‘feature’

Interesting, does it lag for you locally?

i didnt try locally but yeah i do have a bad internet so its possible its that

If you need to simulate lag easy and fast there’s a github project (clumsy) to do just that on Windows. I used it to test lag in my fighting games and it definitely helps! Also pinging OP @MrChickenRocket since you might be interested in that to test your model


Less expensive, yet uses humanoids. Something doesn’t add up.

Humanoids can be used on anchored models to provide a HumanoidDescription, which is the case here.


Adding onto what @MrChickenRocket said, humanoids are only for rendering. Their physics and replication behaviour is not used, which is what allows Chickynoid to run faster than Humanoids.

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yea idk how true that is chief
bandwidth is higher too:

(normal hum)

all with 1 player on a baseplate

The benefits don’t turn up when you’re using a single humanoid, because there is an overhead for managing your own local simulation. When we were testing with 100 chickynoids, we were seeing ~3ms cpu usage on server, and around ~30kb/s of bandwidth usage, which was a good chunk lower than the same test using humanoids and server owned humanoid rigs.