Chill lounge: Detailed build

How can I improve this build, and what did I do well about it?

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Portfolio: THULiCORE's portfolio


Too much unnecessary parts and detail. Walk outside and come back with a picture of something that looks like this.


Are you joking or not? I can’t tell.

I’m not joking. Overdetailing builds exists.

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Yeah I know that, I was confused on what you meant by

because it is phrased weirdly but I understand it now.

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I gotta say, too many unnecessary parts. My PC was sounding like a jet engine. Usually looks great, but the lag is absurd and some places could have it toned down.


For m it’s just like an airport, than a lounge.

Like what @Crazedbrick1 said overdetailing kinda makes a bit worse.

You could make the texture tiling better

Here’s some overdetailing image(s)

Your light pole from your previous post


But you did a great job with your build. :+1:

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This showcase is very good. The amount of detail is great, and much of it looks like something you would normally only see for modeling in 3rd-party software. I disagree with those saying there is too much detail. In my opinion, it does not seem excessive.

The performance is not amazing (I’m getting only about 30-40 FPS at graphics 10), but it is much better than other showcases of a similar detail that I have seen.

I would advise however, that you try and find a different texture for the couches. The current one does not look amazing.

Here’s a couple things to add to this. For one, add some trees in the background in the map. It looks plain without it. Secondly, make the building feel more 3d dimension. Like, don’t make it feel very flat. Add like maybe some pillars or something to give it dimension. Everything else looks great. Just some stuff to improve on.

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Ah yes. In this case, I will advance the Reduce lag GUI to cut down on more detail.

To address the other feedback:

It sucks to have to texture on wedges :frowning:

Indeed I will in future builds. I’ve been thinking of pillars and trees for a long time.

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i think this is a wonderful build although to much glass

Great! Would love to see you post that on the forums for people to see.