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About Me

Hello, my ROBLOX username is ChillingSystem, I have played ROBLOX since around 2010. I have been programming for a solid 7 years.


  • LUA
  • Javascript and Node.JS
  • Python

I can create discord bots and roblox auto ranking bots.

Game Showcase

Below is a list of groups that I have previously developed for.

Development Inquiries

Groups Iโ€™ve Worked For.


  • ROBLOX Game Development
  • Web Development
  • Discord Bot Creation
  • Group Auto Rankers


Commission Prices:
Small Project: 21-24 USD
Medium Project: 24-120 USD
Large Project: 120-1000 USD




Any examples of past websites you have made?

I will provide screenshots tomorrow!

Do you prefer to work on certain types of games or are you looking for diversity?

What would you consider to be a large project with respect your listed commission price and group percentage rates?

Do you have experience with BehaviorTree2 or DataStore2?

Can you describe (briefly or in as much detail as comfortable) the most complex system or set of functionality you have developed?

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Very interested in hiring youโ€ฆ sent you a private message on Dev Forums. :+1:

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do you have a discord ?.
and what is it.

Do you have any specific Images of your work? Or maybe the games you listed have been completely scripted by you?

Can you show your website work

Hi, I would like to talk to you on discord about joining my studio. Please DM me kachow#8192

Hello, Iโ€™m interested in hiring you, would you be able to message me on discord. Zoom#1000

Hey I am interested could I get your discord or you add me on disc citrouilless#3382


sorry for everyone i didnt respond too, im taking USD comissions now message me if you are looking for a scripter / web develoepr


still accepting development offers

vouch. worked with this dude. we was able to make exactly what i wanted super quickly (in a day). iโ€™d recommend working with him

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Your discord doesnโ€™t work. You have a decent portfolio. Very nice.

Are you still for hire? I am looking for a web developer.

Message me at gus#8853 if you are still looking for a web developer!

Added on Discord, we can talk from there.

Hello, I added you on discord my discord is bigdire