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About Me

Greetings! I am Halru, a translator specializing in the language pair of English-Chinese. I am providing Chinese localization services to help you localize your games into Chinese.

Why Chinese?

Chinese is spoken all over the world! Adding Chinese to your game can definitely help you reach a wider global audience. Recently, ROBLOX has announced a partnership with Tencent to enter the market - as seen by the introduction of the ROBLOX China Program. This means that you can expect a large influx of new players to come in through this program soon.

Localizing your game in Chinese will be very impactful. It will boost your game performance by significantly increasing your player base, player retention, and potential monetization. Users will experience smoother gameplay thanks to localization - and you will also be able to unlock untapped potential as you enable Chinese players with low English proficiency to enjoy your game.

Ok, But Why Me?

I am currently a member of the Roblox Localization Team and have already translated a few games (as seen below). Moreover, I am a native that is currently pursuing higher education in North America.

If I encounter anything that I’m not sure of, I’ll be sure to do proper research and come up with the most accurate translation possible, so don’t worry about localization issues even if the context of your game is a little weird, and you can be sure that anything I translate will be very accurate!

My localization services have proven to be effective for the Chinese audience. Chinese YouTubers such as SupremeStar have already made videos on games like Saber Simulator, Car Dealership Tycoon and Restaraunt Tycoon 2. Furthermore, videos made by uploaders with 200k+ followers on the Chinese equivalent of YouTube, such as ones made on Lift Legends on Tecent’s “YouTube”, for example - also use these Chinese translations. I’m very pleased that my translations are enabling fellow Chinese players to have a better gaming experience.


I can localize your game for both traditional and simplified Chinese via .csv, Excel, or localization cells at a rate of 198 Robux (or equivalent in USD) per localization cell.

NOTE: If you want translations for your game to be supported for Roblox China Program, please let me know in advance.


I have currently offered my translation services so far to the following games (last updated 31/12/2020):


Usually, I will be able to get translations done within 3 days, but this depends on how many strings you have. In the case that I am unavailable to do so, I will let you know and we can set arrangements that we both agree on so you get your translations as soon as possible.


You can contact me directly on Discord at Hal#1337 to talk to me about my services.

Thank you for your time!


Vouch! Hal’s a really hard working person and really nice to work with.


@Halru’s work is of good quality and communicates with you at all times. I recommend working with! :star2:


Very professional. Completed work quickly and had very nice communication!

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I hired Halru for Chinese translations (both Simplified and Traditional) in my game Obby Creator.

They were extremely professional, very quick, and efficient when translating. They even asked me about some in-game strings they were unsure about before translating them!

I would recommend Halru to other developers and will be coming back in the future if I need more translations :smiley:

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Hal is an extremely efficient worker. All of the translations received were high quality and accurate and were delivered very quickly. Would recommend to anyone needing Chinese translations!

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