"Chinese Nature Walk" New Showcase!

Hi there! I made a new showcase. It is based on a real location that I found on google maps. I used the Roblox nature kit.



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Wow, really cool! I’ll be sure to go and play it.

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This is amazing! I love what you’ve done with the water, and the building style is beautiful.

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Superb! I love it! The water / floor texture looks too stretched though…

Wow te quedo bonito tu trabajo sigue así :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely going to play this, it’s awesome!

k joining the gamee…

Just joined the game it’s really laggy bc of my pc dev forum even lags while typing omg
my feedback;
I liked the game but it’s full of free models.

At least you didn’t claim it as your own :+1:


Thanks! That texture is also part of the nature kit. In the reference, the water has lily pads on it. I was too lazy to make my own lily pad texture and the leaves provided by the nature kit have surface appearance. Because of that, I just decided to stretch then out a bit. Apologies if it looks jarring!


Sorry that it’s laggy, I have a fairly good PC but when I work on the showcase it still sounds like a motorboat. I might revisit and remove some unnecessary foliage.

As for free models, I never use models not made by Roblox. Other than the nature assets, everything was made by me (fencing, flooring, building, donation board). Free models are meant to be used (non excessively, depending on your situation). The real skill comes from putting everything together. Thanks for your concern!

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That looks really good lights and modeling and shadows made perfectly