Chloe_Woahie's Portfolio [TEMPORARILY CLOSED]

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a Roblox Scripter, Discord Bot Maker, and/or Http Server Creator/Host for your game. I specialize in backend (In all three aforementioned categories), writing secure and “safe” code, and physics/mathematics heavy programming (see my autonomous agents projects). I have been scripting on Roblox for over a year. I also use Rust, Go, Python, Javascript (if I have to), and Processing. I have experience with both http and home networking (thanks to a couple Raspberry Pis)!


You can view my miscellaneous Github projects here: Chloe-Woahie · GitHub

Flocking Demo (Boids System)

Roblox Flocking Demo (Boids System) - YouTube

Flocking Demo v2.0 - Roblox

All of the physics and movement were programmed from scratch!

Sus Flocking Demo (Boids System)

Sus Roblox Flocking Demo (Boids System) - YouTube

Sus Lag Test - Roblox

This is a modified version that started to get visits for some reason!

Trade Tower

Trade Tower - Roblox

I worked on some of the backend for this game. I also occasionally work on smaller projects for the studio (discord bots, miscellaneous systems, etc.).


I am currently available for around 55 hours every week. I spend the majority of my time programming, researching, and reading. This is time that I am almost always able to use to work on commissions and long-term projects.


For short term work, I do not take any other payment besides USD (Cashapp, Paypal).
For long term work, I expect milestone USD payments. Depending on the size, I may ask for a % of the profits in exchange for reduced milestone payments.

I may take crypto instead of USD.


The easiest and fastest way to contact me is via Discord!

If for any reason you cannot message me on Discord, you can message me via Devforums (although it will take longer for me to see your message).

Thanks for reading! :cat: