Choose Texture Alignment

As a Roblox Developer working with various textures that work on both the front & back of a brick, wanting it to line up can be a large pain.

As you can see, the front side, and top side line up fine:

And the back side, and top side line up fine:

But then… I moved the brick and resize it a bit…

This means I either have to make the textures very specific sizes to make them line up based on the length of the brick, or I have to change the length of the brick to make the textures line up to the specific texture size I want. Both of these are limiting factors to how I use textures, and thus create difficulty in creating very specific looks & sizing together.

If we just had a way to choose which side the texture starts on, i.e. left/right/center this could help fix this type of thing, rather than it always starting on the pre-determined side.