Chopping/Slicing/Cutting mechanics like a real ninja would do! (Using CSG)


Chop Chop Chop

Be a ninja too!

Uncopylocked too cus why not :slight_smile:


Great concept, but most of the time when I try to chop a piece, it just duplicates and falls through the baseplate. Also, I couldn’t chop any of the white pieces.

Unfortunetaly due to some physic limitations of Roblox it doesnt work seemlesly on Server test, just a theory though


Works really good for the first few minutes. After some… extensive testing it got pretty laggy.

(There were parts in the air)

Truly excellent! This will help a LOT in my new games (if you allow me to salvage some of the code)

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This is shared here with the purpose of being open source and available for use for anybody who wishes to use it on their projects.

Can be modified and given to others as well, you got it :grin:

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I can literally see how much non stop fun you had there haha

Will this be used for a fruit ninja type game, by the way?

Not on my watch haha.

It was just a fun little experience for me to try out on Roblox and pretty happy with the results.

This could become such an amazing simulator game, slicing simulator or something where after you cut an object it dissapears woth their cut chunks after several seconds to prevent lag etc

It can done a lot with these

Heres my idea.

This would bot work very well on Roblox though unless you do it somehow social based like how i have suggested

Theres a multiplayer version

I think the “Simulator” idea from this mechanic is going smooth so far:

Basically here is how it would be maybe:
Each “shape” would have different amount of “cuts needed” in order to gain the currency of that shape.

Different knives/cutting weapons (idk what to call them now) would be sold in shop which some give more cuts (currently infinite and no cooldown timer) and some would cut like 3-4 rows at once maybe

Also the cut parts at the end would flow into your backpack and you would be selling those cutten parts.
Ofc later on you can purchase backpacks with bigger capacities etc.

That is the basic game plan for this, what do you think?

Any feedback on this? :slight_smile:

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And finally! Here is a small demo of the project idea you guys can try (though mobile too if you want)!

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That is a very good idea! I think you should go for it!

Ooh yeah i do!

And oh boi this is comming together so good!

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Wow! That would be a game I would play. Can’t wait for the finished product

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Best part of this game will be the pets!
Pets would basically be used to send them to an object and they do autoslicing for you, aka automation-gamepaly :smiley:

Will be sending more progress here as soon as i have some.

Your support really helps a lot! :heart:

Yea I really like that idea. It’s very unique. Can’t wait for when it’s finished.

Also do you want any help with modeling or scripting? I’ve been looking for a commission for a while. You can pay me later if you want. I don’t really care.

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That is amazing, Keep up the good!

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