Christmas at Robloxian Ministries - 2021

It is with great joy that I announce that Robloxian Ministries is going on to year 2! The past year has been wonderful, and we’re back with more Christmas services.

Christmas Eve

Modern Service

4:45p ET

Join us as we worship the newly born savior! For our modern service, we will be playing modern Christmas worship songs and carols and having discussion time. A special “Santa” visitor will also come for wishlists.

Traditional Service

6:00p ET

For our traditional service, we will be gathering around to celebrate the birth of Christ. We will be using traditional worship hymns.

Candlelight Service

10:00p ET

Our candlelight service is a vespers service to acknowledge and mourn for what has happened in the past year and look to what God has for us in the coming year. Join us as we sing quiet hymns and close in candlelight, community, and prayer.

Christmas Day Morning Service

9:00a ET

To welcome the new baby Jesus, we will be singing songs of both new and old and celebrating the Nativity.

Christmas Day Traditional Service

5:00p ET

Our traditional service will be singing songs, getting to know one another, and celebrating Christ as a community. Candlelighting will also be included to pass the peace.

Christmas Day Party

7:00p ET

An untraditional way to celebrate community and Christ, our Christmas Party will be focused on talking about God, meeting new friends, and listening to music.

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Robloxian Ministries is a virtual, youth-led online church on the gaming platform Roblox. Our goal is to spread the good news of God to all of humanity.

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