Christmas Eve at The Robloxian Christians - 2021

Join The Robloxian Christians for Christmas Eve!

This year The Robloxian Christians will be hosting three Christmas Eve services on December 24. All members of the Roblox community are invited to join us for these gathering, though you must first join our Roblox group.

Christmas Eve is a special time to come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Each of these church services will include components of prayer, worship and carols, a brief sermon, gathering around the table, and time to be together. All services will take place at the Home Church.

Modern Christmas Eve Service - 3:00p EST at the Home Church
Join us as we worship the king of kings. We will be asking questions such as “What hope does this story bring to the world today?” This service will include the nativity narrative, prayer, and modern-style worship.

Traditional Christmas Eve Service - 7:00p EST at the Home Church
Join us as we sing Christmas carols and hymns to celebrate the birth of Jesus, God in the flesh. This service will include the nativity narrative, community prayer, and representation of communion.

Longest Night Vespers Service - 11:45p EST at the Home Church
The “longest night” service will be a time of mourning, lament, and longing, as we join together in intercessory prayer and liturgy to acknowledge the coming of the prince of peace. This service will be reflective as we sing quiet carols and close in candle light.

For almost a decade, The Robloxian Christians, has provided in-game church services, bible studies, life groups, volunteer opportunities, community life, and outreach mission throughout the Roblox platform. To learn more about the mission of our church, check out our Roblox group.