Christmas scene on blender

So, this all started as a study on how to use the mesh deformation feature, for that I made this little Reindeer that quickly evolved from a low poly mess to a high poly mess.

Then, I decided to try and make a sleigh for it.

Time went on and I started adding more stuff onto it

Finally, we reached the end result. (after 10 minutes rendering it ofc)


I’m loving your renders especially the way you modeled them! 10/10 on that of course! :smile:

On the other hand, if you were to want to improve on the resulting render, I’d tell ya to add some type of snow effect on bottom of the Reindeer’s & the Sleigh! The christmas tree just looks too lowpoly, again if you were to make this more realistic, add more textures to it!

Nice job either way! 10/10! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I want to start studying particles so I might return to this scene in the near future. My main problem with texturing is how much processing power it needs, I have a really REALLY low end computer so I tend to stay on the low poly/solid colour. But thanks for the feedback! I’ll try and work on some snow effects when I have time to!

That looks great its realistic 10/10 or 5 stars thats great of course im not a builder but I have worked with many and I know a few ive seen many christmas things and thats looks great!

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An alternative is rendering a scene with particles (such as snow) with a transparent background, then placing it on top of the render you already have (in Photoshop or GIMP or whatever), creating the desired effect and saving you some processing power.

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Hmmm, so I would just add the one with particles on top of the other one? that sounds like it can work pretty well! thanks!

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Way to spread some holiday cheer! It looks really nice, the only thing I have to say is the lighting is kinda weird on the snow behind santa.

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